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Aftermarket Jaw Crusher Plates for Jaw Crushers

MnSteels offers more jaw crusher plate styles than most manufacturer in the industry,MnSteels jaw plates offer benefits including: 
Improved production
More accurate product sizing
Better wear metal utilization and lower discard weight
Lower overall operating costs

Straight, Full Curved, & Straight with Curved Ends Jaws
As viewed from the side, we offer Straight, Curved and Straight with Curved End jaw plates. Selection depends on nip angle needed for the feed material, wear patterns, and product sizing.
Smooth and Toothed Jaws
We offer Smooth and many different Toothed Styles, including Sharp and Round Tooth designs.
High and Anti-Slab Teeth Jaws
 These styles are effective in breaking sedimentary rock and in recycling road materials. 
Toothed with Smooth End Jaws
We can provide toothed jaws with filled Smooth Ends for extra wear resistance.

Maximum weight: 5000KGs

Available in 14% , 18% and 21% manganese


iii)Production Tour

MnSteels has always been trying to produce "proper" manganese steel castings; quality control and process management play a very important role in our day to day tasks.

Let’s take a tour on how we make our products:

1.Our sales team takes orders from our customers:


2.When a new product is introduced, our design team “translates” the drawings supplied into product sheets:

product sheets

3.A 3D model of the product is generated for better understanding

3D model of the product

4.Technicians then performs simulations to determine best quality control method

performs simulations

5.MnSteels uses STEEL patterns

STEEL patterns

6.Products are poured using bottom pour ladle

bottom pour ladle

gating and risers

7.After 72 hours of cooling time, gating and risers (feeders) are ready to be removed.

gating and risers (feeders)

8.MnSteels uses computer controlled heat treatment furnaces for all of our products.

 heat treatment furnaces

9.MnSteels uses running water for quenching

MnSteels uses running water for quenching

10.Products are grinded, getting ready to be machined

getting ready to be machined

11.Products are being carefully tooled so they can be installed properly.

Products are being carefully tooled

12.Liners are painted as per customer’s requests.

Liners are painted

13.MnSteels Crusher liners then being shipped to our customers all around the globe



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Additional Info

  • size: 25*35*66
  • Weight: 1000kg

Additional information