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OCT 23 2012

Centrifugal casting


The liquid metal is poured into the rotating mold, filling, and solidified into a casting method of casting under the centrifugal force. Centrifugal  Centrifugal Casting illustration

Casting machine called a centrifugal casting machine. In accordance with the rotation axis direction of the mold, the centrifugal casting machine is divided into three kinds of the horizontal vertical and tilt. Horizontal centrifugal casting machine is mainly used for casting a variety of tubular castings, gray iron ductile iron water pipes and gas pipes, pipe diameter 75 mm minimum, up to 3000 mm In addition to casting copper roller paper machine with a large-caliber, all kinds of carbon steel, alloy steel pipe, and the requirements of the inner and outer layers of the different components of the double steel roll material. Vertical centrifugal casting machine is mainly used to produce a variety of ring castings and smaller non-circular casting.jaw plate crusher parts
Centrifugal casting of the mold used, according to the casting shapes, sizes and different production batches, can be used by the non-metallic (e.g., sand, shell-type, or investment casting shell-type), a metal-type or metal type inner deposited coating layer or resin sand mold. The number of revolutions of the mold is the important parameter of the centrifugal casting, both have a sufficient centrifugal force to increase the compactness of the casting metal, the centrifugal force can not too much so as not to hinder the contraction of the metal. Especially for lead bronze, too large a centrifugal force will be generated in the inside and outside walls of casting composition segregation. General speed in the dozens per minute go to 1500 rpm or so.
Characteristics of centrifugal casting liquid metal filling and solidification in the centrifugal force, metal Feeding effect good casting outer layer of tissue is dense, less non-metallic inclusions, good mechanical properties; without modeling, core making, saving materials and equipment investment. The the casting hollow casting without Riser, can greatly improve the metal utilization. Certain shape castings, centrifugal casting is a material-saving, saving energy, high-efficiency process, but must pay special attention to take effective security measures.
Centrifugal casting can be no shrinkage, porosity, slag castings, and meticulous organization, good mechanical properties. When casting circular hollow parts, the core can be omitted. In addition, centrifugal casting gating system is not required to reduce the consumption of the metal.
Centrifugal Casting cylindrical parts hole free surface roughness, size large errors, poor quality, more stomata, slag, and therefore need to increase the allowance, and not suitable for pouring prone gravity segregation of the alloy and aluminum-magnesium and other alloys.
Centrifugal casting is mainly used for the mass production of pipe, tube castings, iron pipe, copper sleeve, cylinder liners, bimetal steel back copper sleeve, heat-resistant steel roller Road, seamless steel pipe blank, can also be used for the wheel castings.