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OCT 24 2012

Carbon steel castings standard


1 Scope
This standard specifies the grades of carbon steel castings, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, inspection documents, logos, packaging, transport and storage.
This standard applies to product drawings and technical documents are no special requirements of low-carbon steel castings, no special requirements where product drawings or technical documents, shall comply with the provisions of this standard.
This standard applies to the design of the product, production and acceptance of outsourcing castings signed a technical agreement with reference to use.
2 Normative references
The following documents are essential for the application of this document. Where dated reference documents, only the note date versions apply to this file. Where not dated reference documents, the latest version (including all amendments) applies in this document.
Of GB/T223 steel and alloy chemical analysis method
Of GB/T228 metal material at room temperature tensile test method
Of GB/T229-2007 metal materials – Charpy pendulum impact test method
The first part of the GB/T231.1 metal Brinell hardness test: Test methods
GB/T4336 carbon steel and low alloy steel by spark source atomic emission spectrometry (routine method)
The GB/T5677 steel castings radiography and film classification method
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The GB/T6397 metal tensile test specimens
The GB/T6414-1999 casting dimensional tolerances and machining allowances
The GB/T7233 cast for ultrasonic testing and quality rating method
Representation and determination of the GB/T8170 numerical rounding rules limit values
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Are GB/T11352-1989 general engineering Carbon steel castings
The GB/T15056 casting surface roughness assessment method
3 grades
Grades of carbon steel castings: ZG230-450; ZG270-500; ZG310-570.
Technical Requirements
4.1 Mechanical properties
4.1.1 heat-treated carbon steel castings, in addition to drawings and technical documents indicated, shall be normalized or annealed, normalized or annealed mechanical performance function should be consistent with the requirements of Table 4-1 .
4.1.2 mechanical properties of carbon steel castings, if no special requirements in section shrinkage and impact toughness test section shrinkage.
4.1.3 mechanical performance report should include a test block hardness data.