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OCT 24 2012

Steel casting process

Manganese steel

Abrasion resistance and service life of the steel wear-resistant castings and casting quality (including heat treatment), and the the metallurgical quality has a very important relationship. Improve the quality of liquid metal smelting, casting surface and internal quality, improve the technical and economic indicators (such as), dimensional accuracy, casting weight deviation of the surface roughness of the wear-resistant castings, and improve the abrasion resistance of the steel wear-resistant castings, extend service life, continuous production, to reduce the economic losses and increase economic benefits, as well as the creation of wear-resistant castings boutique and designer, to participate in international competition in the market is of great significance.
Wear-resistant material part of the production of iron and steel casting method, has good wear resistance under different working conditions environment. In particular, in recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology advances in modern industrial, wear high-manganese steel has become the preferred maglev train, rock drilling robot, new tanks and other advanced equipment wear-resistant castings material. In view of the domestic and international market demand, steel casting process the production of wear-resistant castings have shown a trend of specialization. Experts predict, the domestic Younian consumption market of 200 million t wear-resistant castings, wear-resistant castings and growing export market.
This book is written for China’s small and medium enterprises, township enterprises, individual enterprises, casting technicians, foundry workers, steel wear-resistant castings knowledge of new materials, new processes, and help them to improve the level of steel wear-resistant castings casting process, improve the quality of the wear-resistant castings, reduce the cost of casting, to produce a wear resistant castings competitive products to meet the needs of the different working conditions of the domestic and international users.