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OCT 24 2012

Overview of the direction of development of the manganese stainless steel


In recent years, the Cr-Mn stainless steel (200 series) in the development of our country soon, consumption and production has exceeded 15%, to meet part of the demand in the field. However, there are many irregularities commercial behavior in the development process, such as containing nickel less than 1%, the chromium content is also very low products posing nickel, high nickel-chromium-manganese steel, and some even posing 304 grades of stainless steel, to market caused confusion, stainless steel’s reputation has also been damaged.
In order to standardize the stainless steel production and markets, September 15, 2004, to regulate commercial behavior, to protect the interests of consumers, promote the stainless steel industry, health and development “for the purpose of the meeting Cr-Mn Stainless Steel Development Seminar held in Beijing, the Chinese Special Steel Association stainless steel branch, enterprises, institutes, and Xinhua News Agency and other news media reporters a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting.
Xu Qiang, general manager of the China Minmetals Steel Company first introduced at the meeting Minmetals Steel Company’s business situation and prospects for the future, he said: Minmetals Steel Company will continue to play a bridge Fortunately, manufacturers and markets role, and efforts to regulate the import order to stabilize domestic market prices to maintain market environment swap market surplus and deficiency play a role.
Stainless steel branch president Li Cheng stressed at the meeting:
First, we must change whether magnetic criteria to judge the stainless steel quality misconception.
1. Only to determine the presence or absence of magnetic stainless steel quality level is unscientific and wrong idea. This concept is one of the reasons that led to China’s market, low nickel, low chrome chrome manganese magnetic shoddy and fool the user, resulting in stainless steel Rusty’s.
2. The structure of China’s consumption of stainless steel, non-magnetic austenitic steels accounted for 90%, the magnetic ferrite steel accounted for 10%, and developed countries (United States, Japan, etc.) magnetic ferritic steels accounted for 30% -40%. We should actively publicize the change in consumer attitudes, rationally adjust the proportion of consumption of stainless steel.
Second, we need to vigorously improve the ferritic stainless steel production and consumption structure, a reasonable choice to use the Cr-Mn series stainless steel, and research and development of other conservation-type stainless steel.
1. Learn the advanced experience of developed countries, focusing on the development of ferritic stainless steel. China is a national shortage of nickel, nickel-free ferritic steel, chromium content equivalent conditions, the corrosion resistance of chrome-nickel steel (300 series) is quite comprehensive ferritic steels can also be good, particularly suitable for thin gauge plate, pipe, production and use of the strip.
2. Reasonable choice to use chrome the manganese series stainless steel (200 series), oppose the import, production and use of nickel content of less than 1%, and reduce the chromium content, poor corrosion resistance of chromium-manganese steel, to pay attention to the nitrogen in the Cr-Mn stainless steel importance, and the combination of nitrogen objective necessity. Note that the use of chrome-manganese stainless steel can only be in weak corrosive environment instead of the 300 series, with the enhancement of the corrosive medium, the Cr-Mn stainless steel can not be replaced by 300 series Cr-Mn stainless steel, especially in the industrial field to be very careful. Attention to the production of individual enterprises abroad J1, J4 is the standard, and its composition design internationally accepted 201, 202 has a larger gap, does not comply with international standards.

3. The research and development of other sections of nickel, but the performance is good new grades of stainless steel, such as dual-phase steel, ultra-martensitic steel.
Third, the Cr-Mn stainless steel main problem is the non-standard market behavior, shoddy, deceptive.
1. Confuse the difference between J4 and other chromium-manganese (200 series); confused with the 200 series and 300 series of the difference between misleading consumers, if not to take measures as soon as possible improvements will give consumers a greater loss, destruction of the stainless steel reputation.
2. To enter the market, a lot of chrome-manganese (200 series) stainless steel scrap stainless steel production enterprises are difficult to classify, recycling problems. Such treatment is not good, it will affect the stainless steel production and product quality.
Fourth, it is recommended that the departments concerned to take effective measures to regulate market behavior, to protect the interests of consumers.
1. Intensify propaganda through the media, to correct the wrong concept of consumption, vigorously promote the use of ferritic stainless steel production.
2, improve the Cr-Mn (200 series) stainless steel with national standards. Before the introduction of this standard, the implementation of the recommendations of the international standards and associations to develop technical specifications. Products that do not meet the above criteria, it is recommended not produce and import.
3. Recommended in stainless steel products (including metal products) signs indicate the ingredients of the product or using the standard, easy for users to identify and market management.
4. Recommendations of industry and commerce, quality inspection, the media, and consumer protection organizations, industry organizations, to intensify supervision, exposure shoddy, deceptive case, in order to regulate market behavior.
At the meeting the stainless expert Kang Xifan, Zhu Cheng, XU Xiao-Qian, Liu Erhua and standards experts Wu Qiansi spoke, chrome-manganese stainless standard production technology, production and market conditions, etc. were introduced and analyzed. The Kang Xifan professor in the report that:
First, the generation of the chromium is stainless development important breakthrough in the history of the function is to prevent chromium stainless steel rust, no chromium, no stainless steel, chromium as an important indicator of the stainless steel to examine the performance of the stainless steel. Different amounts of chromium in the stainless steel will determine the performance of the stainless steel;
Second, the role and content of the various elements of the Cr-Mn stainless steel technical requirements;
Third, foreign Cr-Mn stainless developments: 200 series first appeared during World War II, the substitutes as 300 series stainless steel first developed in the United States, at that time due to the war, as a strategic material nickel respective countries strictly control In order to solve the serious shortage of nickel supply, developed manganese-generation nickel austenitic stainless steel grades series, after the end of World War II, U.S. nickel supply situation gradually improved, the 200 series has not been large development. 200 series stainless steel in the United States has not been vigorously develop the first in the United States involved in the development of the 200 series Indians returned to India, according to India’s manganese resources are relatively abundant nickel resources, lack of national conditions, the 200 series stainless steel varieties will be developed in the United States with back to India, caused the India results developed in the United States.

Fourth, India’s Jindal developed J4 corrosion resistance can be equivalent to of 1CRl3, absolutely can not replace 304. Problems in the domestic market is J4, in use in the practice of manganese the nitrogen generation of nickel should be noted that the following question: must determine the scope of use, such as the decorative part in the train car, car decoration, construction industry use as well as civil hardware, magnetic request, should not recommended J4, and recommended 400 series, “Kuang” shall not be used in the areas of circulation, “on behalf of ‘fuzzy business vocabulary in order to avoid misleading consumers .
Wu Qiansi Professor at the meeting of the international community and the United States, Japan, and China’s chrome-manganese stainless standard situation, with particular emphasis on China’s GB already enacted chrome-manganese stainless steel standard, Stainless Steel Council of China Special Steel Association and chrome-manganese stainless steel in China’s rapid development is also the end of last year, developed a chrome-manganese stainless technical specification, production and market reference.
Wang Ping, general manager of the China Minmetals Steel Special Steel Ministry made a stainless steel import and export and market analysis report, and his analysis of the development of the stainless steel market and chrome-manganese stainless through large amounts of data and market case.
Has participated in the International chrome manganese meeting held in South Africa in June this year on behalf of TISCO Technology Center Zhibin Introduction • Factory International Conference Seminar chromium manganese Diao; stainless steel production, varieties, and di-n-Arts, market prospects.
Stainless steel production enterprises participating marketers, representatives of the Association for Quality and Quality Inspection Center of forum specification stainless steel market, improve the quality of chrome manganese stainless published.
User industry association representatives also participated in the meeting at the forum published opinions, hopes to strengthen communication with the stainless steel industry, to improve understanding and knowledge of the use of stainless steel products.
Finally, the Stainless Steel Council of China Special Steel Association president Lee Sung summarized. Li Cheng said:
First, representatives from all sectors of the meeting participants to create an exchange of communication platform of ideas, we focus on the Cr-Mn stainless steel production in China, the sales, the process of using some of the positive and negative issues. As industry associations, since last year, has been concerned about the development of the chrome-manganese stainless steel in China, is also of particular concern to the international and some domestic enterprises Cr-Mn stainless steel, so this meeting is very timely, but also very success;
Second, through this meeting, to be more explicit development Diao; most important issue facing the stainless steel for the limited resources of nickel, we should how science to guide production and consumption, adjusted using the structure, vigorously develop the ferritic stainless steel, the rational use of chrome manganese steel containing nickel stainless steel, industrial and special conditions must not use other steel, attention should be paid to the development and promotion of new grades of stainless steel;
Third, chromium, manganese stainless steel speed expansion in China soon, we should carry out the use of survey research, do some testing and detection of contrast grades circulation on the market;
Fourth, the stainless steel industry organizations hope the enterprise with the production, circulation, and the relevant departments to continue to cooperate in the development of chromium-manganese steel, as do a good job of fake and shoddy whistleblowers, establish and improve our own standard, Import and Export off, not only for imports of chromium-manganese steel propaganda among the masses, the proper use and identification, and domestic production of chromium-manganese steel should avoid use errors and accidents, so the good export related issues facing future whether at home or abroad can not make into a stainless steel “stainless steel” to maintain the credibility of the stainless steel must not drop it on our own brand. I hope you will collaborate jointly promote, stainless steel household States: Positive industry and the healthy development of the market.