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OCT 29 2012

4140 steel

Manganese steel

4140 steel img

4140 alloy structural steel, the steel has good processing property, deformation small, anti-fatigue performance is quite good, in the genus and so on Hardenability steel after heat treatment, the 4140 steel has good strength and good comprehensive mechanical properties, good manufacturability, high finished product rate. The maximum temperature is 427 degrees Celsius .4140 steel strength, the hardenability of high, good toughness, quenching deformation of small, high temperature high creep strength and rupture strength. Used to make a request more 35CrMo steel high strength and conditioning section more large forgings, such as locomotive traction gear, transmission gear, shaft, the supercharger load great connection rod and a spring clip, can also be used for 2000m following deep oil drill pipe joints and fishing tool, and can be used for bending machine die.