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OCT 29 2012

How to improve manganese steel properties

Manganese steel

In order to improve the wear resistance of high manganese steel hardenability, with various alloying elements on manganese steel performance as the basis, through a large number of tests, presents a high performance wear-resistant manganese steel raw materials of the new formula, the riser heating new technology and spray quenching process, greatly improves the production efficiency, to meet the actual production of manganese steel wear resistance requirements.

Wear resistance of high manganese steel toughness, use and not easily broken, safe and reliable, especially suitable for manufacturing the impact abrasive wear and high hard force crushed abrasive wear condition of workpiece. Such as ball mill liner, hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher jaw plate rolling acetabular wall, broken wall, the excavator bucket teeth, bucket wall, railway turnout, tractor and tank track plate. The workpiece blank mostly castings, in the pouring process, often because of pouring riser position too fast cooling shrinkage in machine and produced, after water toughening heat treatment, and is prone to cracking and the initial hardness is low problem, it will affect the performance and application of wear-resistant manganese steel. Therefore, study for improving the wear property of high manganese steel at home and abroad has been the professional workers pay attention to a subject, and made many useful exploration, and achieved some results.

To improve properties of high manganese steel method, commonly used at present has the following kinds:

1 from the high manganese steel based on the composition, by increasing the Mn, Ni, Mo, C and other alloy elements, so that the high manganese steel performance has greatly improved, but because these alloy elements in metal prices continue to rise, will make the high manganese steel cost increase, market competitiveness.

2 from the casting process proceed with, EPC, squeeze casting and other casting production of high manganese steel castings, and effectively improve the accuracy of casting riser position and solve the shrinkage problem.

Improvement of heat treatment process for 3 from the start, the main surplus heat treatment, water toughening treatment process improvement, effectively reduces the energy consumption and the use of performance can be improved.

4 to improve the work hardening of high manganese steel properties, such as the use of explosion method for product pre hardening, effectively improving the product using the initial hardness.

In view of the above proposed improving wear property of high manganese steel with various methods, we analyzed the effect of various chemical compositions of high manganese steel, high manganese steel with various experimental formulations of mechanical performance data as the basis, designed a kind of new high manganese steel parts, supplemented by new cast and heat treatment technology, realized Improving Wear-Resistant manganese steel parts study on life goals.