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OCT 30 2012

Wear resistant metals

Manganese steel

Wear resistant metals materials have been widely used in various industries, and with the development of science and technology and the rapid development of modern industries, due to metal wear caused by material and energy consumption increases, the economic losses caused quite amazing. In recent years, to metal wear and wear resistant materials for increasingly attracted worldwide attention. This paper summarizes the wear resistant metals materials research development and made a series of new progress.

Foreign metal material development production and application of wear-resistant materials abroad after many years of research and development peak, now tends to be stable, and has its own products and national standards, enterprise standards. Experience from the high manganese steel, white cast iron, high chromium cast iron Ni hard cast iron into several stages, has been the development of wear resistant steel and wear resistant cast iron two categories. Wear resistant steel in addition to traditional austenitic manganese steel and modified high manganese steel, medium manganese steel, according to the content can be divided into different carbon, high-carbon, high carbon wear resistant alloy steel; according to the amount of alloy elements can be divided into low alloy, alloy and high wear-resistant alloy steel; according to the different organizations can also be divided into austenite, bainite, martensite wear resistant steel. And wear-resistant cast iron consists mainly of low alloy white cast iron and high alloy white cast iron two categories. The two most representative is the low chromium white cast iron and high chromium white cast iron, and these two kinds of materials present in the wear resistant cast iron in a dominant position. Martensite or bainite, martensite ductile iron in production of small cross-section wear-resistant parts also occupy a space for one person, it is seldom used in medium chromium cast iron. Look from whole, alloy white cast iron wear resistance than steel, but the latter good toughness, such as lining plate, wear-resistant pipe has been widely applied.

China’s wear-resistant metal materials development according to statistics, the annual consumption of about 3000000 tons of wear resistant metals materials, friction and wear theory application to prevent and reduce friction and wear, the annual savings of 15000000000 dollars. In recent years, according to equipment wear specific conditions and resources, developed a variety of new wear-resistant materials. Mainly modified high manganese steel, medium manganese steel, high manganese steel series, high, medium, low carbon alloy steel series, series of chromium abrasion resistant white cast iron, manganese, boron wear resistant white cast iron and martensite, bainite wear resistant ductile cast iron, different methods for the production of double metal composite materials, surface technical treatment of wear-resistant materials. At the same time, in the production of wear-resistant materials technology equipment has from Japan, Germany, Belgium and other countries to introduce a number of mechanical automatic production line. On the basis of the results combined with national conditions, the development of EPC process equipment, metal type sand-covering technology equipment, extrusion molding equipment, centrifugal casting process equipment such as new technology new equipment new technology equipment. Smelting process on the use of secondary refining and continuous casting and other new technology, make product quality, appearance quality and performance have been significantly improved, at the same time, the metal consumption is also greatly reduced, some manufacturers of products have reached or exceeded international standards, exported to Southeast Asia, Japan, South Africa, the United States, Australia and other places, made a good benefit. The production of wear-resistant materials and application have been stabilized, but on the basis of theory and application of scientific research continues, there is more need to explore novel wear resistant metals materials.