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OCT 31 2012

Characteristic of high manganese steels

Manganese steel

High manganese steels is the most important features in the strong impact, extrusion conditions, surface hardening phenomenon occurs rapidly, in the heart of remained austenite with good toughness and plasticity of the hardened layer has a good wear resistance. This is better than other materials. But the high manganese steel wear resistance only have enough to form a work-hardened condition to demonstrate its superiority, other cases is very poor.

The typical Mn17 wear-resistant high manganese steels in Mn13 steel is added on the basis of manganese content, improve the stability of austenite, prevent carbide precipitation, which can increase the strength and plasticity of steel, to improve the steel work hardening ability and wear resistance. For example, for the ZGMn18 of the north fork life is ZGMn13 20%~25% railway.

High manganese steels due to work hardening phenomenon, should try to avoid casting processing. Casting on the hole, groove cast out as much as possible. But for high manganese steel processing is not entirely impossible. Tool dressing a feed finished can be carried out, the inevitable process in casting process design when amplifying processing volume, so that the processing of the feed from hardening layer.

High manganese steels reheating, in 250 – 800 ° C between the precipitation of carbides brittle temperature range, and cast high manganese steels and meshy carbides and the casting stress, therefore, the welding performance is poor.

High manganese steels castings, should be in of water toughening treatment after cutting riser or defect welding, welding after rapid cooling. In order to eliminate or minimize heat affected zone, the application of small current, discontinuous welding, or side solder side water cooling. Electrode for high manganese steel or austenitic stainless steel electrode. If the existence of hardening layer, should be removed before welding.