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NOV 01 2012

Investment casting


Investment casting is also called the lost wax method. Lost wax method is made of wax produced by mold to cast objects, then the wax mold coated with mud, which is the slime mold. Clay mold dried, baked in ceramic mold. Upon calcining, wax mold all melting loss, only ceramic mold. General clay mould leaving the pouring orifice, again from the pouring orifice is filled into the copper liquid, after cooling, the required objects made of.

Wax material appearance, investment casting is also known as the ” lost wax casting “. Investment casting is usually refers to the fusible material appearance, appearance surface coating in several layers of fireproof material shell, then the appearance of melting discharge type shell, thereby obtaining no parting surface mold, by calcination can fill sand casting scheme. Due to widespread adoption of waxy appearance material to manufacture, it is often referred to as ” the investment casting lost wax casting “.

Available investment casting method to produce the types of carbon steel, alloy steel alloy, heat-resistant alloy, stainless steel, precision alloy, permanent magnet alloy, bearing alloys, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy and nodular cast iron.

Investment casting shape is complicated, castings can be cast out of the smallest hole diameter up to 0.5mm, casting the minimum wall thickness of 0.3mm. In the production of some of the original can be composed of several parts and components, by changing the parts of the structure, design as a whole parts directly by the casting die casting, in order to save processing time and the consumption of metal materials, so that parts of the structure is more reasonable.

Investment casting for dozens of cattle ( mostly zero weight from a few grams to tens of kilograms, generally not more than 25 kg ), heavy casting and investment casting method to produce the more trouble, but the production of large steel castings weight reached 800 cattle around.

Investment casting process is complicated, and is not easy to control, use and consumption of materials more expensive, so it is suitable for the production of complex shape, high precision, or difficult to other machining of small parts, such as a turbine engine blade.