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NOV 02 2012

Manganese crusher

manganese crusher liners

manganese crusher crushing process is completed in the fixed fixed cone and cycles of movement between the moving cone.manganese crusher work, MANGANESE Crusher the horizontal axis by a motor via a V-belt and pulley drive, a horizontal axis through the large and small gear driven eccentric sets of rotating the crusher cone axis eccentricity do rotary pendulum movement under the action of the eccentric sleeve, makes crushing wall surface from time close to the cone surface, and sometimes far from the surface of the fixed cone, so that the stone in the crushing cavity by extrusion, breakage and impact crusher. The crushed materials are discharged from the lower part of the crusher discharge opening own weight. Cone crusher mobile cone on the chamber support fixed spindle upper end of the spherical bearing on its inferior vena sets outside of the eccentric sleeve, and its movement is driven directly by the eccentric sleeve. When the eccentric sleeve around the spindle rotation, moving cone not only with the eccentric sleeve around the centerline of the machine to do the rotation movement, but also around its own axis of rotation of the moving cone around the center of the spherical bearing for space spin pendulum movement. The dynamic cone and the axis of the spindle centerline intersect at a fixed point, i.e. spherical center point angle precession angle. Operation of the crusher the moving cone axis relative to the machine centerline as the conical surface movement, the top of the cone is the center of the spherical bearing that point in the process of moving cone movement always remains stationary. Therefore, moving cone movement can be regarded as a rigid body around a fixed point of rotation, moving cone movement is composed of two kinds of rotational motion: precession movement or implicated in motion (dynamic cone machine centerline rotating movement) and rotation movement or relative movement (moving cone around own axis rotary motion).
manganese crusher in the case of no-load operation, dynamic cone rotation is determined by spherical bearing frictional torque to the moving cone and eccentric sleeve to the value of the friction of the moving cone, which torque, moving cone that is so torque direction rotation. Under normal circumstances, movable cone along the rotation of the rotary direction of the eccentric sleeve, the rotation speed is determined by the difference between the two torque. The type manganese crusher between spherical bearings and moving cone bushing increased the moving cone bush, to control the rotation of the moving cone. Load operation situation, the stone moving cone cone friction torque is far more than the frictional torque generated by the eccentric bushing moving cone, moving cone with its busbar clockwise axis along the material layer as the eccentric sleeve rotation direction opposite to rolling. This spinning motion of the moving cone, you can make the product size uniform, uniform liner wear.