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NOV 02 2012

Crushing plant

manganese crusher liners

Crushing plant jaw crusher, cone crusher, gyratory crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher. Belong to the scope of construction machinery. common feature: the raw material crushing plant construction and other industries broken foundation engineering machinery.
Jaw crusher and cone crusher is suitable for crushing hard rock blocks (compressive strength of 150-250Mpa); gyratory crusher is suitable for crushing hard (compressive strength 100MPA over) and medium hardness (compressive strength in 100MPA about) rock block. Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing brittle rocks of medium hardness (ultimate compressive strength in 100MPA); roll crusher is suitable for crushing the medium hardness toughness rock (ultimate compressive strength is about in 70MPA).
1 jaw crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, the main compression;
2. Hammer crusher and impact crusher machine, etc., mainly of impact;
3 wheel mill and roller mill, main squeeze Chief milled role;
4 such as a ball mill, a rod mill, a vibration mill and a jet mill to mainly grinding concurrently IMPACT.
Under normal circumstances, the coarse crushing process jaw crusher, cone crusher, the processing of the broken cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, crushing processing, grinding processing using a ball mill, a vibrating mill, a jet mill or the like. But this is not absolute, and some machinery both for coarse crushing, also suitable for medium crushing.