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NOV 03 2012

Crusher liner

manganese crusher liners

Crusher liner is the crusher cavity plate collectively, including the counterattack scaleboard, while retaining plate, in crusher crusher shell mainly for protection, but also has good impact resistance, resistance to crushing process of material on the impact, thereby crushing material.

Different kinds of crusher, crushing machine lining board also have different names, such as jaw crusher side protecting plate, crusher counterattack plate mill, the trench liner, due to the special requirements of the production, basically broken machine manufacturers can be produced, but the wear resistance and anti impact properties but differ in thousands of ways. As of ZGMn13 high manganese steel material of the lining board although there is enough impact toughness, but not wear-resistant and easy to deformation, now most have switched to double quenching process of alloy steel or chrome molybdenum alloy steel.

Great wall foundry was founded in 1986, has been committed to the crusher liner production and research, it has a number of invention to obtain profit, 3 technology in a leading international. Great wall foundry production crusher liner is exported to the United States, Australia, Lithuania, Indonesia and other countries, well received by the industry.