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NOV 05 2012

Cone crusher design – five big characteristics

manganese crusher liners

( 1) hydraulic system

The cone crusher is provided with hydraulic system to adjust the crusher discharging on the size, the hydraulic system can effectively guarantee the safety of operating equipment. In the crushing cavity of foreign body, hydraulic system can make the moving cone automatic back, when the foreign body is exhausted, the system enables the automatic reset under the moving cone. To maintain the original discharging mouth position to continue working.

( 2) crushing cavity

Crushing cavity refers to the moving cone and fixed cone form a geometric space. Crushing cavity shape on the performance influence. Crusher chamber is broken main technical indicators. The machine from the crushed to fine design of four kinds of specifications of the cavity, it has six possible combinations, which means it can best be applied to the special requirements of users.

( 3) reliable sealing

The labyrinth sealing device, replacing the previous use of the water seal, so that the dust impurity can not enter the body, thereby ensuring the lubricating oil cleaning, extension of the sliding bearing, thrust ball bearing service life, make the machine run reliably.

( 4) convenient replacement

The crusher broken wall change very slowly, the new structure of cone crusher broken wall replacement very quickly. Because the crushing wall is arranged on the clamping pin, bolt is fixed on the wall of the top broken broken. Under fixed on the wall is to use hydraulic nut fastening. On the broken wall, the back does not need to add any filling material, so the replacement is rapid, reducing the labor intensity of workers.

( 5) adjust the opening

The cone crusher with high pressure resistance displacement sensor, adjust the discharging mouth position is in the operating room. As long as a button, on the operating table is displayed, you can see the need to adjust the discharge mouth size, is very convenient and accurate. When the machine is operated by hydraulic coupling, motor, a small bevel gear drives the eccentric sleeve at the bottom of the large conical gear, so that the eccentric rotation of the sleeve, resulting in cone crusher for rotary swing. Crusher spindle is stationary, a spherical surface bearing dust, crushing force. The crusher spindle is stationary and the eccentric transmission crushing force, so the structure can bear larger crushing force, the fine and superfine crushing very adaptable, because the superfine crushing crushing force is very large. Expect the product granularity ( for super fine type lining plate ) open a 5m two up to 50^80% ( depending on material properties and somewhat difference ). The crusher is applicable to metal mine concentrator third stage crushing, or fourth stage crushing; used in building material or non-metallic mining and civil engineering. Civil engineering in particular desired natural sand supply area.