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NOV 06 2012

Cone crusher wear parts wear failure analysis

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There are a large number of domestic and foreign scholars are studying how to improve the service life of mining mechanical damage, saving metal material and energy, improve the efficiency of production equipment, wear machine principle is the study of the wear resistance of a system based on the theory of mine, wearing parts have direct sampling and production difficulty is big, so the abrasive wear mechanism of work mostly in the simulation stage, and the actual use conditions is difficult to obtain consistent results, therefore, comprehensive analysis of the actual conditions, easy wear parts of the surface morphology of Y for surface structure change, to explore the wear type, effectively improve the service life of liner plate is very important. Cone crusher has a crushing hit, high efficiency, low power consumption, uniform finished product size and is suitable for crushing hard rock and other advantages, is widely used in the world, the cone crusher structure some simple or complicated, in order to analysis of cone crusher liner wear process, choose the research object, from the system engineering point of view, abrasive wear and ore has a close relationship, therefore, the first to be broken stones, physical, chemical properties were analyzed, lining plate in broken ore to withstand the tremendous impact load, thus requiring liner material having certain strength and toughness, at home and abroad with high toughness and better work hardening properties.

Cone crusher wearing parts wear than the hammer crusher is small, high utilization rate of the metal, spare parts and replacement is simple, maintenance cost is reduced accordingly, no filter settings, large amount of mud material is not blocked, can not be broken in into the body can be automatically discharged, will not cause equipment damage. Shanghai Dragon vibration heavy machinery limited company such medium-sized production enterprises in the west development of the market, the development of the domestic crushing engineering equipment with large and medium-sized give priority to, development characteristic is varied but some in the industry think, our country broken machinery general with international advanced level photograph is compared to a lag of 15~20 years, the majority of products technology from on century after 80 time metaphase introduced from abroad. The domestic market fragmentation of machinery products in the market share of less than 80%,, such as cone crusher, impact crusher products. At present, China’s various provinces and cities, local continue to explore ideas, much channel, much thinking and financing, vigorously develop the infrastructure project, actively promote region economy development competitive power. Hydraulic cone crusher is my company to introduce the United States technology, combined with international performance of metal material and the design of a high efficiency crushing machine.