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NOV 08 2012

Used jaw crushers

manganese crusher liners

When in normal use to ensure continuous normal work of jaw crusher is one of the important factors, improper operation or exercises in negligence, is often caused by the equipment and personal accident reasons. Correct operation is strictly according to the operating rules of the provisions of the executive.

Before the start of the preparation: in jaw crusher before starting, must be on the equipment to conduct a comprehensive carefully : check the broken tooth plate wear, good discharging port size; check the crushing cavity has no ore lump ore, if any, must be removed; link bolt is loosened; pulley and a flywheel protection cover is complete; triangle belt and pull rod spring tension is appropriate; oil tank ( or dry oil reservoir oil filling degree ) and the lubrication system in good condition; electrical equipment and signal system is normal. At the start of the crusher, should first start the oil pump motor and cooling system, after three to four minutes, until the oil pressure and oil flow indicator is normal, then activate the crusher motor.

Crusher starting later, started after a period of time, running for production can be switched to the mining equipment. Give into the crusher ore should be gradually increased, until the full load operation. Operations must pay attention to mine ore no full uniform, crushing cavity, and give a piece of maximum size should not be larger than 0.85 times to the mine mouth width. At the same time, to prevent the power shovel’s shovel tooth ore and drill bits and other non broken objects into the crusher. Once these non broken objects into the crushing chamber, and through the machine the discharging port, shall immediately notify the belt transport position in time out, so as not to enter the next stage crusher, causing serious accidents. During operation, often pay attention to big ore block jammed crusher feed port, if has stuck, be sure to use the hook to flip the ore, lump ore from the crushing chamber if needed and removed, should use special equipment, strict hand to undertake these tasks, in order to avoid accidents. Running, if give mine too much or crushing cavity plugging, should be suspended to mine, be broken cavity ore broken after, to actuate the feeder, but at this time no crushing machine stop running. During the running of the machine, should take regular inspection tour, by watching, listening, touching method observation of crusher to all parts of the working condition and the temperature of the bearing, for large jaw crusher with sliding bearing, more attention should be paid to the bearing temperature, through the bearing temperature should not exceed 60 degrees, in order to prevent the bearing alloy melting, producing burn tile accident. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, not allowed not familiar with operating procedures for personnel operating separately crusher. Crusher when parking, must be in accordance with the production process in order to parking, first of all must stop to the mining, to be broken cavity all ore after discharging, stop crushing machine and belt machine. When the crusher stops, in order to stop oil pump motor.