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NOV 12 2012

The innovative design of jaw crusher

manganese crusher liners

According to statistics, material processing the first process — crushing operation power consumption accounted for 50% of the total power consumption of mineral processing plant in. At the same time with the use of PE250 × 400 jaw crusher with a pair of toothed plate ( fixed tooth plate and movable collar tooth plates each piece), total weight of about 0.2 tons, according to the national crusher has at least 70000 standard calculation, annual the whole nation consumes 56000 tons of high manganese steel. This directly included material crushing cost, toothed plate of loss to be apart of jaw crusher non-energy another big loss. Therefore the jaw crusher teeth plate energy consumption and structure parameters are E-breakers manufacturers and users are very concerned about important issues.

The Red Star Machinery for crusher design on the main work and innovation are as follows:

1 the application of dissipative structure theory and damage mechanics theory, combined with the strain equivalence hypothesis, derived from the process of material crushing damage energy release rate and damage the relationship between variables, and on this basis to get to process of material crushing damage energy release rate critical threshold;

2 jaw crusher ‘s structural parameters as the basis, combined with the material in the jaw crusher ‘s distribution, derived the jaw crusher motor mathematical model, apply this model to calculate three kinds of models of jaw crusher motor power, and by three types of jaw crusher broken sandstone motor power test, verify the derived mathematical model rationality;

3 application of fuzzy random theory to PE250 ×400 jaw crusher teeth plate in stress condition were analyzed, using Ansys software for tooth plate stress were calculated, and the toothed plate structure parameters were improved, the improved tooth plate structure reduces the toothed plate stress concentration, extended the service life of the tooth plate, saving a tooth plate manufacturing materials, while lowering the jaw crusher crush materials consumption.