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NOV 14 2012

Symons cone crusher

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Simmons cone crusher products

CS series of highly efficient cone crusher is in the introduction, absorption of foreign technology on the basis, according to the customer demand, based on the laminate crushing principle and the more crushing and less grinding

Conceptual design research and development set of high pendulum frequency, optimizing the cavity and a reasonable one stroke in the modern high-performance crusher. CS series of highly efficient cone crusher, is the PY series spring cone crusher improvement, optimization, updating and replacing product. And PY series spring cone crusher are as following: reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, economic characteristics. The series of the Simmons cone crusher the spring system is the overload protection device, the metal foreign body through the crushing chamber without damage to the machine, using dry oil seal form, making powder and lubricating oil isolation, reliable operation. Can be widely used in metal and non-metallic minerals, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical industry. Apply to iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartz rock, such as sandstone, cobble

Simmons cone crusher basic structure

Coarse, fine cone crusher in the basic structure and working principle of roughly the same, so called cone crusher.

Organic frame, horizontal axis, a movable cone, a balance wheel, an eccentric sleeve, upper crushing wall ( fixed cone ), under the crushing wall ( moving cone ), fluid coupling, hydraulic system, lubrication system, control system etc..

Simmons cone crusher working principle

Spring cone crusher is composed of movable cone and fixed cone consists of crushing cavity. Movable cone cone pressure mounted on the spindle ( solid axle ), one end of the main shaft is inserted into the eccentric shaft taper hole. Eccentric shaft taper hole is provided with a bronze bushings or nylon lining. When the drive gear drives the eccentric shaft rotates, the eccentric sleeve spindle deep within the flotation machine, vibrating screen, flotation machine drives the movable cone rotary motion, so that the movable cone cone and fixed cone away, produce ore crushing and discharging. Spring cone crusher adjusting device and the locking mechanism is mainly composed of the adjusting ring, support ring, locking nut, push oil cylinder and lock cylinder. Supporting ring mounted on an upper part of the frame, and with the help of crusher surrounding the spring and frame tightly. Crusher work, high pressure oil enters the locking cylinder the piston rises, the locking nut and the adjustment ring slightly from the top, so that both of the sawtooth thread taper tightly. Adjustable discharging port, the locking cylinder pressure relief, the sawtooth thread loosening, and start the hydraulic system, drive cylinder moves, so as to drive the adjustment ring rotate left or right, with the aid of sawtooth thread transmission, to achieve a fixed cone rises and falls, achieve the regulation purpose discharge mouth.

The safety protection measures are mounted on the frame surrounding the spring group as a safety device. When a broken objects into the crushing chamber, is supported on a spring upper supporting ring and an adjusting ring is forced upwards to compress the spring, thereby increasing the movable cone and cone fixed distance, so that the discharge mouth size increases, discharge non broken objects, thus avoiding the damage.

Spring cone crusher, due to its smooth, continuous, productivity and broken than big, small power consumption, but also have automatic uniform feeding unit, so it is widely used. But big viscosity, high wet mud ore, ore discharging mouth easily blocked and influence the normal work.

Simmons cone crusher working principle

The work, by the motor through the belt, a big belt pulley, drive shaft, a small bevel gear, a big bevel gear drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate, the cone crusher axis force in the eccentric sleeve to move under the rotation and movement makes the broken wall, sometimes near the surface and sometimes from rolling acetabular wall surface, so that the materials are fixed cone in the moving cone is comprised of an annular crushing chamber continuously by squeezing the impact and bending and broken. In many of the extrusion impact and bending, crushing to the required size, the lower discharge.