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NOV 14 2012

Coal crusher

manganese crusher liners

Coal crusher is a broken ring of rotor impact crusher, crushing ring sling in the rotor rotates together with the suspension shaft, with the rotor broken ring for rotary impact sports, but also around the suspension axis spin motion; crushing process is through the broken ring of two period of work to finish. When the material into the crushing chamber

In the first section, rotation of the broken ring of impact crusher. In the second section, falls on the sieve plate primary crushing particles, broken ring further broken by extrusion, and through holes discharge. A few can not be broken material into the waste chamber, and then periodically from the waste chamber clearance.Material particle size is adjusted by changing different specifications of the plate to achieve, the gap between the rotor and sieve plate, can be adjusted through the adjusting mechanism.

Working principle

Ring hammer crusher is a rotor is provided with an annular hammer impact crusher. Material into the crusher, the first being with the rotor high-speed rotation of the ring hammer impact and cracked, broken material from the ring hammer to obtain kinetic energy, high speed to the crushing plate, from second time broken, then fall into the sieve surface, by the ring hammer shear, extrusion, grinding and the material and the material interaction after breaking through the sieve further, discharge, not broken debris into the collector, requiring regular clean.


PCH type ring hammer crusher, the most suitable for crushing all kinds of brittle material, such as coal, stone coal, coke, slag, red sandstone, shale, limestone and osteoporosis. Material strength is not more than 100MPa, not more than 15% of surface water. The device can be adjusted according to user space, change the particle size, to meet the different needs of different users.

Structure composition

Hammer crusher with a hammer for the main components ( also known as hammer ) of the rotor. Rotor from the spindle, disk, composed of pin and hammer.

The characteristics of the product

The product design process is simplified, crushing and screening finish in one time, high crushing efficiency.

The low noise, less dust, low energy consumption, wide range can be broken, broken larger material moisture content.

The design of a machine, crusher with level three screening, no coal blocking discharging granularity, adjustable.

There can be operated locally or centralized control.


Crusher: hammer and roller crusher,

Hammer type coal crusher to water requirement is strict, by hammer force to break coal, below the sieve plate, more than required to be broken, is smaller than that of the screen to enter the boiler;

Toothed roll crusher: use two motors respectively drive pulley so that the upper and lower sides of coal crusher two tooth roller move oppositely, consistent with the two tooth roller gap material automatically falls, greater than the to be broken, than hammer type medicine saving, and environmental protection, but not crushed, the water did not have any request, any time is all full output. Crusher installation process

One, general provisions

First reprint machine, crushing machine drivers must be trained, to achieve ” three knows ” ( know, know, know the performance of structure

Manage), ” four ” (use, maintenance, maintenance, failure will handle ), the training of qualified,

Get the certificate of approval, side mount guard operation.

Second with the working face scraper conveyor belt conveyor transportation roadway driver, driver cooperate closely, uniform signal contact,

In order to open, stopped a large coal, gangue in crusher inlet stack overflow, should stop work and face scraper

Conveyor running if the lump coal, gangue can not enter the broken turn or metal objects, must stop processing.

Two, prepare, check and treatment

Get ready.

But the tools: wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, hammers, shovels and other;

The necessary spare parts accessories: a variety of short chain, chain ring, bolts, nuts, crusher insurance pin;

The lubricating oil, turbine oil.

Inspection and treatment:

The motor, reducer, hydraulic coupling, head, tail and other parts of the connector must be complete, intact

, fastening reducer, hydraulic coupling should be no oil leakage, oil leakage, oil amount should be appropriate;

The signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal no boot sprayer device to ensure intact;

The power cable, operating line must be hung neatly, without squeezing phenomenon;

The head near the coal, gangue, coal dust, debris and motor reducer must clean clean;

The working face scraper conveyor head and the transfer conveyor tail overlapping to right;

The scraper chain plate a moderate, scraper and must complete the fastening screw;

Reprint machine, walking car must be stable and reliable;

In the case of the boot loader portion, each of the primary operation should be no abnormal sound, scraper, chain, even

Ring should be no warping, twisting, bending deformation;

The crusher, crushing machine roadway must be intact, firm;

And the crusher safety protection net and a protection device, to ensure that no deformation and failure, safe and reliable;

Reprint machine, crusher, the roadway support must be intact, firm.

In three, operation and matters needing attention

Test run

The closed magnetic starter handle transmission;

The hand press button two or three times;

After starting, idling 1~2 weeks;

The reprint machine, crusher joint operation;

The examination no abnormalities, a starting signal;

The operation of mechanical and electric motor is to be no vibration, sound and humidity to normal, the bearing temperature of not more than 75 DEG c.,

Motor temperature shall not exceed manufacturers;

Reprint machine, the tension of chain must be consistent, in full load condition, the elasticity of the chain does not allow more than two chain

Loop length, not a card chain, chain jumping phenomenon;

In the reprint machine turning section of the fusible plug or easy to chip is damaged, do not use wood or other materials to replace;

The crusher protection network safety device should be kept intact, in working process should be inspected regularly, if damage should be

Immediately stop processing;

, reprint machine tail protection safety device must ensure that intact;

The shift of loader

The clean up the tail, on both sides of the fuselage and the bridge of the floating, floating coal gangue;

The protection of cables, pipes, tubing, and the suspension system;

The examination of roadway, in ensuring the safety of the passage under the loader;

The walking trolley and belt conveyor tail frame to good contact, no deviation, shift after good lapping, prevent

Bulk coal gangue by tape, ensure the smooth flow of coal;

The shift reprint machine, machine head, tail to keep smooth, straight, stability, Jack live bar to recover.