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NOV 16 2012

Great Wall Foundries provides high quality lining board of crusher liner

manganese crusher liners

Great Wall Foundries provides high quality lining board of crusher, jaw crusher plates, cast steel jaw plate, steel parts, roller teeth lining board wait for a variety of different types of easy wear parts, using a new type of super wear-resistant materials, be advanced processing technology production, enhances the vulnerability of abrasion resistance, but also increase its service life, and convenient replacement, repair and maintenance costs low, it can continuously work, save the production process in time, improve production efficiency, low speed, low wear, low pollution and many other advantages. In the stone crushing process, crusher liner materials and direct action, crushing strength, especially on the hardness of material when broken, will result in the installation of crusher liner vibration loosening the nut, bolt, thereby exacerbating crusher liner wear, and has generated a great deal of noise; if severe enough, can make the plate off or broken, which delayed the production schedule, affect the normal production. This problem we should according to the practical situation and the specific issues, trying to take the practical and feasible method to solve the corresponding problems. In order to protect the crusher liner, enhance its service life, in the traditional basis of introducing and absorbing advanced foreign technology, carries on the design, material selection, assembly into a new generation of crusher liner, specifications, models complete, can satisfy you need the equipment and machinery parts. A detailed understanding of domestic crusher liner, help you buy cheap equipment. LITE-ON machinery – the leading domestic heavy industry, to provide detailed crusher liner price, welcome your inquiries: 0773-2583022