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NOV 16 2012

Steel casting manufacturers:Great Wall Foundries

manganese crusher liners

Steel casting manufacturers:Great Wall Foundries

Address: Zijin Mountain Guangxi County Town East Village on the north side of the Zijin Mountain

Plant area: 80000 square meters

Workshop area: 12000 square meters

Product brief introduction: jaw plate in jaw crusher, gyratory crusher liner, cone crusher broken wall, the rolling mortar wall.

Products single≤ 5 tons

Grade: M13Cr2, M18Cr2

The main smelting equipment: 6 tons electric furnace, with the molten steel refining method

Product design process: casting simulation software simulation, and through trial production verification, to ensure the casting of dense tissue leading products of cone crusher wall, rolling mortar wall using alkaline phenolic resin sand coated metal mold sand mechanized production line heat treatment: heat treatment furnace adopts protective atmosphere heat treatment, clean water temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius

Detection means: Vacuum direct reading spectrometer, mechanical room, optical chamber, can provide international standard mechanical and optical self-checking data.

Quality management system: the whole production process management, can provide the production process quality control node data, data storage for 2 years.

Appearance quality: to meet or exceed the national standard

Molten steel purity: according to customer requirements to provide non metallic inclusion GB 1A, O ≤15PPM, H ≤5PPM products. Grain size > 4.

Mechanical properties: meet and exceed national standards

The company is an innovative technology companies, is committed to providing quality customer service, customers can meet the high manganese steel casting and the special requirement, to provide customers with the perfect product of the ability of mass.

Tel: 0774-8866715 contact: Frank Mo

Second phone: 18677320155

Fax: 0774-8866750

Business address: Zijin Mountain Hezhou County Town East Village on the north side of the Zijin Mountain

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