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NOV 17 2012

Manganese plate

Manganese steel

Usually said manganese plate is a high strength low alloy structural steels, 16Mn ( Q345 ) or 16MnR ( Q345 ), the welding material is better, can use a variety of welding method welding.

Plate usually fingerboard thickness in the range of 6 ~ 30mm steel plate.

16Mn is a veteran, now is a grade Q345.

Q345 A, B grade, C, D, E five.

Great Wall Foundries is a professional production of manganese mining machinery equipment factory wear-resistant plate

Home. We produce high manganese steel crusher teeth plate, high manganese steel crusher rolling mortar wall, high manganese steel crusher wall abrasion degree higher than the same industry 15%, because we are using high manganese steel for the production of pure.