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NOV 19 2012

Gold mining machinery

Mining machinery

Gold mining machinery selection system includes a mineral, sorting and mineral collecting part three. Configuration four homemade DZLI-A type electromagnetic vibration feeding device, so as to achieve uniform feeding, stable and convenient for adjustment purposes. The two sensing roller, it is the direct separation of mineral components, the induction roller two, the end of each of a set of double row radial spherical roller bearing. In order to make up the strong magnetic field suction caused excessive bending deformation, the roller is arranged in the middle of L sliding bearing. In order to reduce eddy current loss, the roller body with 29 piece of pure iron in superposition, the alveolar diameter from both ends of the roller intermediate stepwise increments, to ensure the uniform distribution of magnetic roller. Joint ore bucket by ore bucket and the ore plate, mine division plate can adjust the height and the different point of view, in order to adapt to the different separation angle and height requirements.

Gold mining machinery transmission system:

By the two J and -61-6 three-phase asynchronous motor through a triangle belt driving a PM-400 three stage cylindrical gear reducer transmission of left, right induction roller, in the speed reducer and the induction roller by Oldham coupling. The frame is composed of flat welded. Ores consist of electromagnetic vibration ore feeder in uniform to induction roller, non-magnetic minerals under the action of gravity falls directly one tailing bucket. Magnetic minerals by magnetic action is induced roll tooth tip to attract, along with the induction roller rotates, to the magnetic field strength weakening, the mechanical force ( mainly gravity and centrifugal force ) under the action of magnetic minerals, leaving the induction roller in ore bucket. According to the ore properties and particle size, by adjusting the magnetic field strength, induction roller speed and position of the baffle to achieve better index. Gold mining machinery application and selection index:

The machine is put into production, successively in manganese carbonate ore, manganese oxide ore and hematite ore industrial production or industrial exploratory experiment, obtained good results. The machine processing of manganese ore deposits of manganese oxide ore, when the original ore containing manganese grade of W ( m ) =17.69%, after a roughing, available Mn grade zv ( Mn ) =25.03% manganese ore, manganese recovery rate is 86.10%. The iron ore in Guangxi iron grade of zv ( Fe ) = 44.04% for hematite ore, after a separation, can obtain iron grade of zv ( Fe ) = 45.65% iron concentrate, the recovery rate is 99.13%, tailings grade of iron zv ( Fe ) =8.79%.