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NOV 20 2012

Joy mining machinery

Mining machinery

Joy mining machinery is direct extraction of useful minerals and mining preparation used machinery and equipment, mainly in mining of metal ore and non metal ore mining machinery; mining coal with coal mining machinery; used for petroleum exploitation in oil drilling machinery.

Coal mining machine

The first pneumatic disc shearer is Walker designed by British engineers, ca. in 1868 manufacturing success; eighteen eighties, the United States has hundreds of oil wells using steam power impact drill drilling success; in 1907, and rock drill in drilling oil and gas wells, and from 1937 onwards, it will be used for open pit mine drilling.

Joy mining machinery is mainly used for underground and open pit mining machinery, including drill hole with a drilling machine; digging ore rock in mining machinery and machinery; drilling shaft and drift with patio, the excavation machinery.

Drilling machine

Drilling machine for drilling machine and drilling machine two, drill and open-air drilling and underground drill points. Rock drilling machine is used in the above medium hard rock, drilling diameter of 20 mm to 100 mm, at 20 meters depth hole machine, according to its power can be divided into different pneumatic, hydraulic and electric power, internal combustion rock drill pneumatic rock drill, which is most widely used in open-pit drill; rock breaking work the different mechanism, divided into rope impact drill, drill, rotary blast hole drill, wherein the rope impact drill for low efficiency, has gradually been replaced other rig.

Boring machine is the use of the tool axial pressure and rotating force on the rock surface to produce rolling effect, direct rock breaking into the lane or well drilling machinery and equipment. The knife has a disc cutter, the wedge tooth hobbing, spherical tooth hob and milling tool. According to the different excavation roadway, can be divided into raise drill, drill shaft and tunnel boring machine.

Joy mining machinery company, P&H 5700XPA electric shovel, great! P&H said electric models of letters, LR==>Long Rang, XP==>extra performance, is a long arm, digging range greater; a stronger performance.

With the standard about the difference between

LR arm length of more than 27 metre standard long 8 meters, the bucket rod length of more than 18 metre standard nearly 6 meters, thus digging radius reached 34.7 meters (standard 26.8 meters ), but the 19 cubic meters of bucket is less than half the size of the standard model! In terms of the power, the bucket lifting motor and rotary motor power seems to be better than the standard type of small.

XPA version 5700 bucket capacity in more than 60, the weight of about 2000 tons, is by far the world’s largest appeared double track electrified shovel