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NOV 20 2012

Coal mine machinery

Mining machinery

Coal mine machinery which belongs to the machinery of a large classification, coal mine machinery is dedicated to coal mining machinery, due to its specialty characteristics different from other kinds of mining machinery, as coal production big country, China annual coal production in continuous improvement, by the end of 2008 the whole of China ‘s coal output reached 24 tons, coal mine machinery production in China play a decisive role role.

Coal mine is divided into: opencast mining and underground mining, the equipment will naturally divided into open pit coal mine machinery and underground coal mine machinery.

According to statistics, ” eleven to five ” at the end, China’s coal demand of about 90000000000 yuan. Among them, new coal machine equipment investment of about 70000000000 yuan, ability changes and updates about 15000000000 ~200 billion yuan. According to the 115 major coal enterprises statistics, in 2007 the output value of 49610000000 yuan, sales revenue amounts to 48000000000 yuan; in 2008 the output value of about 60000000000 yuan, sales revenue amounts to about 60000000000 yuan. This means that, our country still has about 30000000000 coal machine product market space, with an annual output of 6000000 tons of the fully mechanized mining equipment demand.

Large mining equipment demand will become the mainstream

The State Council ” revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating opinions ” points out, ” the development of large coal mine comprehensive mining, lifting and washing equipment, realize large comprehensive mining, lifting and washing equipment is homebred change “. ” Eleven five” period, China’s large-scale coal mining equipment mechanization degree to reach more than 95%, medium-sized coal mines should reach 80% or more. In addition to the large coal group of medium and small coal mines in the merger and reorganization of large mining equipment, the demand for more.

A. Opencast coal mine machinery: mainly include soil stripping continuous excavators, shovel, a large coal crusher, belt conveyer, large highway mine car.

Two. The underground mining coal mining machinery: with the mining mining increased, coal mine safety requirements, fully mechanized mining equipment for coal mine machinery main composition.

The 1 conveying equipment: belt conveyor, scraper conveyor

2 ventilation equipment

3: coal mining equipment mining machine, AC variable speed electric traction shearer, the continuous miner

The 4 tunnel equipment: rock tunnel boring machine TBM, half coal rock, hard rock tunnel boring machine

The 5 tunnel equipment: hydraulic, pneumatic bolt drill, pneumatic help anchor drill, leg type pneumatic anchor drilling machine, frame column support for pneumatic hand drill

6 gas exploration and discharging equipment: pneumatic anchor drilling machine, coal pillar roadway drilling machine, slurry pump used in coal mine