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NOV 22 2012

Underground mining machinery

Mining machinery

Since seventy time, underground metal and non-metallic mining industry ore tonnage to higher growth rate. The development of production and industrial growth in demand, and promote the mining machinery and equipment innovation. In equipment and method improvement, fifty time of stagnation, sixty time with great care of mechanization, already was seventy time mining mechanization and automation are replaced, technical innovation becomes the industrial trend. Diesel engine driven scraper ( .LHD ) rubber tire on the j[ ), first appeared in 1958 in the United States, Gelunwei mine use. In 1963 the mine test the first ST 5 type loading machine. Since then, the mining ship technology innovation on underground mining effect may be compared to the invention of pneumatic drill. At present, the application of underground mining scraper ( threeⅣ D ) capacity most is 0.76~ 9.12 stere. In 1973 Swedish Curran of company application Eimc0920 C scraper capacity is 16.3 tons. In 43~ 76 meters distance shipment, each class of rock loading rate reached 2200 tons. French iron ore 920 S LHD in shipping distance of 305 to 458 meters, the productivity up to every 800 to 1100 tons. 7 cubic meters of bucket Wagner STll/9 LHD in mine with rock efficiency achieved an average of 269 tons of //J, when. 3 to 6 cubic meters of scraper in room and pillar mining method mechanized mining remains the major machinery, also put mine on most commonly used by the loading equipment. The world of mine