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NOV 23 2012

Mining equipment manufacturers

Mining machinery

Great wall foundries mining equipment manufacturers limited company located in beautiful Guangxi Zijin Mountain in Hezhou County, water and land transportation is very developed, its deep history, conservation of modern spirit of enterprise. More than 20 years of harships, our unremitting self-improvement, cast tripod southwest. Our factory has brought together a large number of innovation, on behalf of the industry’s national advanced level of outstanding technical and management personnel, has created a forge ahead in unity, strict and efficient staff. Is a mine design and equipment manufacturing as one of the modernization of the public. In order to adapt to market competition and enterprise development needs, I plant the introduction of first-class modern production equipment, immutable and frozen to adhere to the “quality starts line of business” the entrepreneurial ideas, adhere to the ” customer satisfaction ” service purposes, to “good faith to the user, service unlimited ” for the operation of the proud of the first in the same industry, for nearly a thousand home users to provide quality products and services, and by the vast number of users of all ages.

Over the years, thanks to the support of friends, to create a good economic and social benefits, has been widely recognized in the community, we will all come from various sectors of peer support and assistance, we sincerely thank you for your love, and will continue to provide more quality services to return to the society. We adhere to the real work of the principle of genuine goods at a fair price, from fine material selection, to the brand consciousness of elaborate design and installation, so that you have a beautiful landscape.

Company chairman Zhou Yiping to the new and old customers solemn promise: if you are satisfied please tell your friends, if you are not satisfied please tell me, my job was to make you satisfied with the!