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NOV 27 2012

Mining products

Mining machinery


Mining products is refers to the factory production of the product or the mine products. Factory production of the product, such as iron and steel, machine tools, automobiles, washing machine, freezer, television, bicycle, cloth and other heavy industry and light industry products; mining products, such as iron, coal, copper, lead, tin and other products.


Mining products can be divided into many types, such as in the industrial sector can be divided into machinery industrial products, metallurgical industrial products, textile and industrial products; the same industry products, according to their economic use the same, the actual role of different, can be divided into several categories, such as machinery and industrial products can be divided into metal cutting machine tools, mining equipment, metallurgical equipment, oil equipment; metallurgical industry products are divided into pig iron, steel ingot, steel etc..

The same product categories, according to their specific properties and uses of concrete can be divided into categories, such as metal cutting machine tools can be classified as milling machine, lathe, planer, grinder, drilling machine; steel can be divided into large section, medium section steel, small steel, heavy rail, light rail and other.

Departments of major categories of products, and has a breakdown, such as milling and divided into specific Longmen milling machine, milling machine, vertical milling machine, horizontal milling machine, universal milling machine; large steel and concrete into steel, square steel, angle steel, steel, wire, triangular steel, six angle steel, steel, flat steel, octagonal steel I-beam, the word T, Z steel and other steel.