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NOV 28 2012

Underground mining equipment

Mining machinery

It is reported, in recent years, developed countries the rapid development of underground mining equipment, new products, new technology is ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Underground mining equipment develops especially rapid, is moving in a three direction:

A trackless, equipment, hydraulic, high degree of automation. At present abroad advanced mining equipment has the full realization of the trackless, hydraulic system. In automation, has been the successful introduction of the unmanned robot, new technologies such as.

Two, equipment technology properties of mature, high reliability. Foreign mining enterprises tend to use well-known global mining equipment manufacturers of professional products, such as the use of the world famous manufacturers of mining equipment company, Wagner atlas company, GHH company, AI moock products. These global well-known manufacturers products technical performance, high reliability, good technical services.

Three, the complete set of equipment, high degree of mechanization. Advanced foreign underground mining equipment from the rock, charge to shipment of all realize the mechanized operation, the procedure without manual operation, without the heavy manual labor. Various types of hydraulic drill rig, hydraulic drilling machine, diesel or electric and remote control is very common basic equipment. In order to adapt to the mechanization of complete set of equipment, large-scale, miniaturization, seriation, standardization, high universal degree.