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NOV 30 2012

Used cone crusher-Cone crusher installation manual

manganese crusher liners

1 cone crusher general instructions

( 1) before installation must count the number of parts. Examination and removal of various parts processing surface and the thread in the handling of the damage, and got rid of when applied in packaging processing on the surface of the protective coating as well as in the handling of the dust and dirt and other.

( 2) mounted to the fixed contact surface is coated with oil, in the active surface is coated with a thin oil.

2 Foundation

( 1) cone crusher must be installed on the solid basis of reinforced concrete, foundation depth according to the user’s local geologic conditions.

( 2) in order to avoid the crushed ore deposit, basic lower must have enough space, transport equipment installed.

( 3) to the base from being damaged, the foundation upper must cover plate, the pieces from the users’ own.

( 4) the factory supply base map, only for the infrastructure construction the screw position, not the construction diagram.

( 5) the lubricating system and electrical operating position, the user can press the plant specific environment change of position, but the order may change.

3 cone crusher frame installation

( 1) the installation rack should be strictly vertical and horizontal, in the base of the annular surface level and the center of the base line netsuke check.

( 2) for adjusting wedge iron to adjust the base level, the anchor screws, second grouting.

( 3) when the two filling layer is hardened, to the crusher base to take out the adjusting wedge iron, and cement filling the void, then according to the installation rack ( 1) for inspection.

( 4) maintain a base level and vertical, can guarantee the reliable work, otherwise it will make the copper sleeve single contact, grinding eccentric sleeve and cause the sealing device is not working properly.

4 cone crusher shaft installation

( 1) mounted drive shaft should be the base and the shaft bracket

Flange flange pad adjusting shim.

( 2 ) the drive shaft into the future, with a prototype inspection and transmission

About the size of gear.

( 3) the transmission gear is axially movable weight should be 0.40.6mm

(which is B at both ends of the gap.).

( 4) removing the drive shaft can be utilized when shaft bracket flange

Square head screw top, without removing the drive

When the shaft is not screwed on screw.

5 cone crusher. The eccentric shaft.

( 1) air eccentric shaft installed before the first gasket arranged in the bottom cover bottom cover with a hook at the lower end of the frame, and then use the hook plate and the plate will be successively arranged in the bottom cover, and the bottom cover plate convex and concave point card.

(2 ) according to the eccentric hollow shaft assembly, usable screw ring eccentric set into the frame body center hole, mount to firmly, and do not make gear by impact.

( 2) air eccentric shaft installed, the size of the gear of the outer end face must be aligned and check the gear meshing clearance. For the 1200 crushing machine gear side 2.1 – 2.58mm.

6 bearing installation

( 1) bearing preparation before installation

A remove the oil groove and oil hole.

B dustproof ring and the oil retaining ring has no damage or deformation phenomenon.

C check the machining surface is damaged, if damaged, should be immediately repaired.

( 2) bearing frame should be closely matched with base, and check with the feeler horizontal contact surface in close condition.


( 3) bearing installed, immediately with a cover plate will fit the cone crusher bowl tiles and will cover with.

( 4) mounted bearing should pay attention to the protection of a water inlet pipe, drainage pipe, oil retaining ring and a dustproof ring, so as to avoid loading, damage.

7 cone crusher installation

( 1) installed in the cone crusher in the vicinity before, should set a firm, a little taller wood shelves as a mounting for cone crusher.

( 2) removed on the shaft and on the surface of reservoir protection, and with the wind net oil hole and oil groove.

( 3) in the axis of the cone surface is coated with a layer of yellow stem oil, spherical surface is coated with a layer of thin oil.

( 4) the cone crusher installation should gently into the air eccentric shaft, steadily make sphere and bearing the bowl w contact to avoid damaging the spherical ring, as shown in Figure 9 installation.

8 boot device

( 1) the machine dustproof device adopts dry oil seal, as shown in figure 10.

( 2) dry oil seal structure with the United States Symons cone crusher with same type machine. Practice indicates that the structure is safe and reliable, and eliminates the need for a water supply system enables management to reduce the cost.

( 3) when installed, in a single cavity filled with dry oil. Every time when maintenance should be the appropriate supplement.


If the user when ordering, require the use of the water sealing device for dustproof structure, users should be owned as shown in Figure 10-1 shows water supply system.

( 1) drainage pipe in proximity to the water tank, should set up a convenient check a coated type pipe.

( 2) is provided with a water inlet pipe should be slightly on regulating valve.

( 3) when the cone crusher stops working, should be able to discharge all the dust tank of water.

The 9 lubricating device installation

( 1) lubricating device according to the factory design of assembly drawing for installation, can also be based on the specific local conditions configuration, but the discretion of user configuration diagram and other parts are required by user self.

( 2) lubricating device configuration, must ensure that the lubricating oil return must benefit.

( 3) installed in the cone crusher shall complete the lubricating device for the installation, because it should first conduct a lubricating device for the test, so when the lubrication with fault disassembly maintenance is very convenient.

The 10 running in test

In each of the above components to be installed after the short load test, check to see if the installation conforms to requirements, if it is found that the improper place, this time for repair.

( 1) in a crusher before start to check the main connection fastening situation.

( 2) before the initiation of hand pull transmission part, at least to empty the eccentric shaft 2 – 3 laps. That ‘s when a stiffening phenomenon, can drive.

( 3) crushing machine start before the start the oil pump, until all lubrication points to obtain the lubricating oil, see oil return tank, can start crusher.

( 4) running in test shall be not less than 2 hours of continuous operation.

( 5) crusher racing test must meet the following requirements.

A cone crusher around their center line rotation speed shall not exceed 15 rpm.

B bevel gear with no periodic voice.

C lubricating device should achieve the following requirements.

A ) to the tubing pressure should be in the range 0.8-1.5kgf/cm2.

B ) return oil temperature should not exceed 50℃.

The D test when removing crusher various friction part should not occur copper post burn and wear phenomenon.

( 6) if the cone crusher revolution soon may produce undesirable phenomena, should immediately stop check trim, while the examination to the oil, and then to test.

( 7) cone gear such as periodic noise, must check the gear installation is correct, and check the gear clearance.

The 11 adjusting device, adjusting sleeve, spring installation

( 1) the supporting sleeve, adjusting ring clean. In the sawtooth thread coated with grease or oil mixture, the lock cylinder is arranged in the supporting sleeve locking cylinder interface Department received the hydraulic station interface unit.

( 2) the supporting sleeve is installed on the machine frame.

( 3) the adjustment ring is rotated into the supporting sleeve.

( 4) the lock nut torque in the supporting sleeve, the alignment pin hole into the four pin.

( 5) install funnel and a funnel.

( 6) installation: installation of dust cover dust cover, pay attention to the adjustment of a ring of four key blocks, cards in the dust cover slot.

( 7) according to drawing adjusting spring working height H.

( 8) the installation driving cylinder animal potential device, as shown in Figure 13 position installed pushing cylinder pushing cylinder, the two interfaces M and N are respectively connected to the hydraulic station interface M and N, cultivate potential device as shown in Figure 12 with a pipe clip in the feed part of the strut, cultivate potential device interface by bushing hoses and four receiving the locking cylinder oil.

12 feed part of the installation

( 1) incorrect installation of the crusher will have the following adverse effects.

A makes the crusher yield reduction.

Row B ore size uniform, large number of.

C wear parts wear the uniform or accelerated wear.

( 2) inlet from the distribution disc height H of crusher work is important, when the H is too high ore is easy without the distribution plate directly into the crushing space, therefore, must be in accordance with the provisions of the height of installation.

( 3) an arc-shaped steel plate is used to protect the tank is not damaged and the ore difficult in the feed box jam, when in installation is needed to maintain the arc steel plate shape and arc plate from the feed inlet edge size, so as to avoid the accumulation of ore.

13 hydraulic station installation and adjustment test

( 1) crushing machine hydraulic station on the basis of proper position, in order to facilitate the operation, hydraulic station Unicom host each pipeline parts and titanium tube, according to the actual situation the appropriate layout.

( 2) hydraulic station M, N, P three respectively with the driving cylinder M, N export to lock the cylinder P is connected.

( 3) hydraulic station each installed after the pressure test, the test pressure of 140kgf/cm2.

( 4) locking test.

A locking cylinder before to livestock for filling into 75-80kgf/cm2 nitrogen potential.

B must be in the push cylinder pressure relief to locking cylinder pressure.

C in the test of locking cylinder and its pipeline residual gas, with the help of a pipe or accumulator bottom plug removal.

( 5 ) adjustment test: the locking cylinder pressure relief after pushing cylinder adjustment of discharge mouth test.

( 6) achieved good hydraulic station element, flexible manipulation. Fig 16 schematic diagram of hydraulic station.

The 14 load test

( 1) running in test shall be carried out after the qualified, load test.

( 2) load test shall be carried out continuously for two days (to allow short driving examination ).

( 3) load test started adding a small amount of ore, then gradually increase to full load.

( 4) load test must meet the following requirements:

A crusher without sharp vibration and noise.

B crusher ore feeding, discharging and specified yield approximation.

C hydraulic station work.

D lubrication system in accordance with the following requirements:

A oil pressure in the range of 0.8-1.5kgf/cm2.

B return oil temperature not exceeding 60 degrees celsius.

E various wear parts without damage phenomenon.

F electrical equipment is working properly.

15 cone crusher work matters needing attention:

( 1) the ore must be at the distribution plate in the middle, as shown in Figure 14, are not allowed to be directly into ore crusher. Because it is easy to make the crusher overload, making the lining uneven wear.

The right to mine conditions:

A ore distribution plate is evenly dispersed in the crushing cavity.

B to the ore above the rolling mortar wall level ( as shown in Figure 15. )

( 2) the largest crusher ore size, not equal to mine mouth size, ( to block size≤ 85% feed port size ) would otherwise lead to:

A crusher yield reduction.

B crusher some other pieces of damage.

( 3) crusher no load, load will cause accident.

( 4) when parking, you must first stop the feeder, and made into the crushing chamber of ore crushing after discharge, the crusher parking.

( 5) the crusher work should always check the locking system pressure and hydraulic station work, found problems in a timely manner.

The 16 crushing machine production

Crusher output, and the feeding mode, feeding block, row block size, physical and mechanical properties of the ore, temperature and so on, a wide range of manufacturing plant, yield is given at the specified conditions to approximate the throughput.

17 rolling mortar wall replacement

The rolling mortar wall of U shaped screw in adjusting ring, between injection of zinc alloy, which closely, new installation or replacement of the rolling mortar wall, in 6 – 8 hours, should be examined for fastening, again and tighten U screw.

18 conical crushing wall replacement

Cone crusher cone head is fixed on the wall is a cone body, between the two casting zinc alloy, a new installation or replacement of cone crusher wall working 6-8 hours, should be examined for fastening, loose shall immediately fastening.

19 gear

The round plate wear due to friction, impact of the gear gap changes, in order to ensure the normal meshing gear must be on the bottom cover gasket gasket is added, the thickness should be equal to the amount of wear plate.

20 bearing and sealing device

Installation of bearing, careful not to make the steel wire rope broken oil retaining ring ( available in hardwood support between the wire rope ).

When assembling, bearing spherical should be scraping, ensure the cone crusher and the bowl-shaped cross spherical outer circular contact ring should ensure that the 0.35 0.5mm annular clearance.

The bowl-shaped bushing is used around the perfusion of the Ba alloy lock pin fixed on the bearing frame, prevent the bowl-shaped bushing along the circumferential side where rotation.

Bearing frame and the frame body by keys ( PIN ) is fixed, if found in the bearing frame and the frame body has a gap must be deal with immediately.

The 21 cylindrical bushing and a frame body for the third kinds of transition fit, in order to prevent rotation of the bushing, and the bushing upper slot injection of zinc alloy, replacement of bushings should be based on the frame of the actual size of the preparation, because the crusher after long time working and handling will inevitably lead to cooperation relations change. If the gap is too big to Bush rupture.

22 conical bushing

Taper sleeve and the eccentric hollow shaft to lapping, injection of zinc alloy in order to prevent the cone sleeve to rotate, zinc alloy to fill all space, because the heat injection zinc alloy reasons may cause sleeve distortion, so the new cone set check size D1, D2 and B should be timely correction of incorrect, should be based on the manufacturing spare parts eccentric sleeve inside the actual size of the preparation to maintain the original mix.

The 23 spring

( 1) the action of the spring when the crusher is entered can not be broken when the protection of crusher is not damaged, so the pressure of the spring and the crushing force to adapt, crushing machine in normal operation spring is not moving, only in the crushing cavity into the crusher to iron overload lifting support set to occur by a compression spring phenomenon.

( 2) the upper portion of the crusher in normal jumping during working, this is not a normal phenomenon must be carefully analyzed, reason, take measures to eliminate the error, if the compression spring can not work normally, but the possible damage of components, because the compression spring will cause breaking force increases.

Resulting in the upper portion of the crusher beating for several reasons:

A feed or uneven feeding too much

B to mine contained too many pieces and powder ore or humidity is too big.

C discharging gap is too small.