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DEC 03 2012

Small rock crusher introduce the working principle

manganese crusher liners

Small rock crusher structure are the main frame, an eccentric shaft, a large belt pulley, the flywheel, movable jaw plate, side plate, elbow, elbow, rear seat plate gap adjusting screw, a reset spring, a fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate component, wherein the elbow board also plays a role of insurance. The series of jaw crusher for curved extrusion type, motor drive belt and pulley, the movable jaw through the eccentric shaft to move up and down, when the movable jaw toggle plate and the movable jaw increases when the angle between the larger, thereby pushing the movable jaw plate of jaw plates to close, at the same time the material being extruded, rubbed, run multiple broken; when the movable jaw toggle plate and moving downward, the angle between the small, movable jaw plate in the rod, under the action of spring left for the jaw plate, has now been broken materials from the crushing chamber under the mouth, along with the continuous rotation of the motor crusher periodic crushing and discharging, implementation batch production.

Small rock crusher is the ore from feed inlet to enter, and slide down along the sieve, sieve ore in the falling process is high-speed rotating rotor on the hard alloy is crushed, and at high speed along a tangential direction to the first block of the counterattack plate, so that ore continue to be broken, and the back plate ore hit back and throw out the back of the rotor of other ores and collide with each other, resulting in the first crushing cavity subjected to repeated impact and crushed ore. Some ore in the first crushing cavity pulverized to a certain size, by counterattack plate between the rotor and the voids and row to second crushing cavity, continue to be repeated blows, until the size later by crusher bottom discharge outlet.