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DEC 04 2012

Primary crusher in cement industry in the application

manganese crusher liners

Cement industry due to ” produce can superfluous” problem, already facing a severe test, more and more cement enterprises begin to search new outlet. As everyone knows, the cement industry and the construction industry is complementary, empirical data shows an average of 1 per ton of cement must match the consumption of 5 tons or more gravel aggregate. Cement industry as aggregate adjacent industry, development of aggregate production has its unique advantages, such as relevance strong, capital operation ability, production scale, management of advanced technology, mining resources abundant, plus the State Council ten measures to stimulate the economy policy makes the sand stone too busy to attend to all investors, part of the cement enterprises have to supply direction the new batch of railroad, highway gravel aggregate. Cement industry to aggregate industry transformation, both for the optimal allocation of resources and implementing the strategy of sustainable development, have the profound significance

Mining machinery industry in the production of cement with machinery and equipment mainly plays the role, including the production of aggregate includes mainly: hammer crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher ( sand making machine ) and other primary crusher. As science and technology continue to mature, high-speed rail, road construction and other major projects on aggregate demand is increased. This requires mining machinery cement equipment industry partners to provide high-quality equipment, in order to ensure the quality of raw materials, transportation infrastructure for quality and quantity completion to provide the most reliable protection.