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DEC 04 2012

Great Wall Foundries mining equipment in the application of ore crusher


Iron ore is the important raw material of iron and steel production enterprises, theoretically speaking, usually containing iron or an iron compound ore is iron ore, but from the industry perspective, the iron ore not only to contain iron, must also have use value. Natural iron ore by crushing, grinding processes after gradually selected tapping.

It is understood, mineral resources have two characteristics : one is the lean ore more, accounting for about 80% of total reserves; the two is more complex ore. Some ore deposits are hematite, magnetite in Darksteel is below, so the process is more trouble. Based on these characteristics, cause and departments on dressing work put forward higher challenge, is accompanied by mineral processing equipment technology to further upgrade.

Beneficiation process should be efficient, simple, crusher equipment ( ) is very important for choosing. In the ore dressing plant, iron ore crushing and grinding operations of equipment investment, production costs are high, so iron ore crusher choice is good or bad will largely determine the ore dressing plant economic benefits. Iron ore crushing process in the general use of the head ( feeder, jaw crusher, broken ( two ) strikes back broken or cone crusher, vibrating sieve process etc. ). Among them, head General of choice is a jaw crusher, which is the most traditional and the most stable and reliable coarse crushing equipment, a wide range of applications. As long as the regular manufacturers of products, can meet the requirements of design and production.

Iron ore of high economic value, in the mining of iron ore processing technology can not be, should be treated seriously, choose appropriate iron ore crusher to produce the most efficient products, to meet the maximum demand.