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DEC 05 2012

Gyratory crusher

manganese crusher liners

” Twelfth Five-Year Plan ” period, China in the green environmental protection, the principle of independent innovation for industrial development mode put forward further requirements, therefore, mining machinery manufacturers must pay close attention to mining machinery in the production process energy utilization situation, try your best to reduce energy consumption, for people living environment together a force. Today recommend a gyratory crusher can not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but also can help the owner to improve work efficiency

A gyratory crusher cone crusher is used in the shell cavity in the turning motion, the material produces compression, splitting and bending, coarse crushing various ores and rocks of large crusher. With the end of main shaft bearing of cone crusher in the middle part of the beam of the inner bushing, its lower end is positioned in the sleeve of the eccentric hole. Shaft sleeve to rotate, crushing cone winding machine center line of eccentric turning motion of its crushing action is performed continuously, so the work efficiency is higher than that of jaw crusher. To 70 time initial stage, large gyratory crusher per hour has been able to handle material 5000 tons, the largest feed diameter up to 2000 mm.

Gyratory crusher is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical, mineral and other departments. From the front of crushing and screening flow chart to see, it is mainly used in the first paragraph of coarse crushing of various hardness of materials. Particularly in the large ore dressing plant, it is a kind of typical coarse smash equipment. However, some concentrator is also useful in large jaw crusher for crushing, therefore introduced gyratory crusher choice problem.