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DEC 11 2012

Granite crusher

manganese crusher liners

Granite is a magma below the surface pour in the formation of plutonic igneous rock in the earth’s crust, most widely distributed, often can form a good development, the naked eye can be distinguished in the mineral particles. Granite is the main component of feldspar, quartz and mica, not easily weathered, beautiful color, color appearance can be maintained for more than a century, because of its high hardness, wear resistance, but can be used as a senior decorative building materials engineering, the hall outside the ground, or the material of choice for outdoor sculpture.

However, it is due to the granite with high hardness, leading to its crushing processing difficulty of granite, the breaking ability of the crusher, feed, processing ability, high rigid requirements, the existing granite crusher and crushing machine manufacturer, is not only a good development opportunity, it is a must face the challenge.

The Great Wall of Guangxi mining machinery equipment manufacturing limited company is a crushing equipment wear-resistant parts production expert. Its production of crusher liner than common crusher lining durability of more than 20%.