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OCT 06 2012

Welding manganese steel

Manganese steel

High manganese steel welding electrode welding method, it relates to a composition for high-manganese steel welding electrode and welding of high manganese steel welding process. The high manganese steel welding of the main problem is the precipitation of carbides, resulting in hot cracking in the heat affected zone generated, resulting in the destruction of the welded joints. The key technology is to suppress the precipitation of carbides in the welding process and elimination of the precipitated carbides. Prepared by weight percentage the drug skin of welding electrodes of the present invention consists of the following ingredients: marble 20% -25%, fluorspar 15% -18%, quartz 4% -5%, titanium dioxide 2% -4%, ferrosilicon % -5%, manganese metal 30% -35%, chromium 20% -25%, welding core is a high-quality low-carbon steel H08A. Welding process of welding method of the present invention to reduce the amount of welding heat input weldment long residence time at high temperature of 300-900 ℃, reducing welding stress. The present invention has the electrode ingredients reasonable, stable arc, good slag removal, the wide range of current adaptation welding process of welding process easy to master, high welding efficiency.