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OCT 09 2012

The manganese Price weakening run adjustment

Manganese steel

This manganese manufacturers offer the same vendors reflect market has not improved. The recent performance of electrolytic manganese market downturn, factory shipments increasingly difficult re lower demand has forced some manufacturers offer loose, downstream demand is not too optimistic about the short-term, prices are expected weakening operation, the adjustment is not.

Silico-manganese market entered a steady trend, due to the end of steel mills is about to enter the bidding period, the market sentiment is doctrinal, manufacturers offer more than stabilize the main, silico-manganese prices in the short term is expected relatively stable.

Today ferromanganese prices steady, high-carbon ferromanganese 65C7 the hypophosphatemia factory tax prices held steady in 6200-6300 yuan / ton, ferromanganese prices due to market purchases is still small, there is no substantial improvement in prices in the short term is still smooth as Lord.

Port manganese remained deserted, downstream demand is no significant improvement, is still less manganese alloy plant purchases. Recently, the mainstream manganese ore price volatility is not the main market turnover is still the mainstream of manganese.

Downstream steel market, Steel Association released statistics show that China’s steel stocks in mid-August when compared with the same period last year increased by 26%. China’s crude steel production last month the decline was not surprising. According to official statistics, China’s crude steel production in August compared to the same period last year fell 1.7 percent, shrank by 4.8 percent compared with July.