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MAR 07 2017

On cast iron production lines and chip discharging device using situation analysis


Chip, cooling and lubricating liquid processing technology and its equipment, with the cutting and processing machine tool development. But, long-term since the heavy host, light supporting condition to make chip, cooling and lubricating liquid processing technology and equipment development retardation, low level. Eighty time only then, heavy host light supporting status as a cause of the machine tool industry of note, LED chip, cooling and lubricating liquid processing technology and its equipment in the following decades the development by leaps and bounds.

With the extensive use of cast iron, cast iron combination machine production line chip problem by many manufacturers attention, according to many years of practical experience, the combination of cast iron machine production line chip problems in this paper will be detailed.

The production line in the actual chip operation process has the following characteristics:

Flow operation, chips produced in larger quantities, especially in the rough machining phase.

Chip was fragmented or powder, easy to splash, more dirty.

As the workers do not notice, small parts, fixture, rags, cigarette butts, sweeping rubbish may enter the chip discharging device.

The moving part of the machine tool lubricating oil can flow into the chip discharging device.

The production line of the chip discharging device is installed in the trench, due to wet and summer water intrusion condition, so that the machine components is easy to rust, corrosion and stuck to the normal operation of.

Chip removal device which belongs to the auxiliary production equipment, and installed in the trench, less maintenance opportunity. When something is often small unmanned pay attention to work as usual, a big trouble to operation to repair, influence the entire line of work.