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OCT 09 2012

Manganese steel composition


A broad range of applications under the impact of working conditions in the high-energy, high-manganese steel and high manganese steel castings. Zhengzhou Yusheng Casting Co., Ltd. is a professional production crusher wear parts, and a more detailed understanding of the production of such kinds of steel castings. Now a brief description of the chemical composition of the high manganese steel
High manganese steel is divided into five grades according to national standards, the main difference is that the carbon content of 0.75% -1.45% range. By the impact of large, low carbon content. Manganese content of between 11.0% and 14.0%, and generally should not be less than 13%. No GB of high manganese steel, manganese content should be greater than 18%. The level of the silicon content, the impact toughness greater impact, it should be taken as the lower limit of not more than 0.5% is appropriate. Hypophosphatemia low sulfur is a basic requirement, due to the high content of manganese is naturally played desulfurization, lowering phosphorus is the most important thing, and try to make the phosphorus less than 0.07%. Chromium is to improve the abrasion resistance, usually in about 2.0%.