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MAR 21 2017

Influence of the four factors of quality of cast steel parts


Influence of casting quality four factors.

1, effects of steel casting quality factor A: is the process operation, it is necessary to formulate a reasonable craft operating rules, improve the technical level of workers, so that the process to obtain the correct implementation.

2, effects of casting quality factor two: is casting the quality of raw materials. Metal materials, refractory materials, fuel, flux, modifier and foundry sand, sand binder, coating materials such as quality standard, will make the steel casting blowholes, pinholes, slag, sand and other defects, effects of cast steel pieces of appearance quality and interior quality, serious when can make steel castings scrap.

3, effects of casting quality factor three: have a reasonable casting process. According to the cast steel structure, weight and size, casting alloy properties and production conditions, select the appropriate type and modeling, core making method, setting reasonable casting bars, cold iron, riser and gating system and so on. To ensure quality of steel castings.

4, effects of casting quality factor four: steel casting process of design. Design, in addition to according to the working conditions and material properties to determine the geometry, the size of steel castings, also must from casting alloy and casting characteristics point of view to consider the rationality of the design, the apparent size effect and solidification, shrinkage, stress and other issues, in order to avoid or reduce the casting composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects.