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APR 06 2017

Heat resistant steel


Heat resistant steel in high temperature conditions, has antioxidant properties and sufficient high temperature strength and good heat resistance steel called heat-resistant steel. Heat resistant steel including antioxidant steel and heat resistant steel two. Oxidation resistant steel and referred to as the skin can not afford steel. Heat resistant steel refers to the high temperatures with good oxidation resistance and high temperature strength of steel. In addition, also developed some new low chromium nickel antioxidant steel.

Heat resisting steel and stainless steel in the scope of use cross each other, some stainless steel with heat resistant steel properties, can be used as the stainless steel, can also be used as heat resistant steel.

Heat resistant steel used in manufacturing boiler, turbine, power machinery, industrial furnace and aviation, petrochemical and other industrial sectors working in high temperature parts. These parts in addition to the requirements of high temperature strength and oxidation resistance at high temperature, corrosion, according to different purposes also requires sufficient toughness, good machinability and weldability, and certain organizational stability.