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OCT 15 2012

Definition of 16mn steel


16Mn for a steel material. Steel the way of talking.
16Mn Steel is a carbon-manganese steel, carbon content of 0.16%, the yield point is equal to 343MPa (strength level belonging to 343MPa). Less the 16Mn steel alloy content, good weldability, and generally do not have to warm-up before welding. But because the 16Mn steel hardened tendency is slightly larger than the low-carbon steel, so at low temperatures (such as winter open operation) or welded on the structure of large rigidity, large thickness, to prevent cold cracking, the need to take the preheated measures.
Different thickness and different ambient temperature 16Mn steel preheat temperature:
Weldment thickness (mm) the different temperatures Preheat thermometer (° C):
Under 16 not less than -10 ° C without preheating the preheated 100 of 150 ° C -10 ° C or below;
16 to 24 is not lower than -5 ℃ without preheating preheated 100 of 150 ° C, -5 ° C;
25 to 40 below 0 ° C without preheating, preheating 100 of 150 ° C 0 ° C or below;
More than 40 are preheated to 100 ~ 150 ℃.
16Mn steel hand arc should be chosen E50 type electrode, the basic electrode E5015, E5016, unimportant structure, but also the choice of the acid electrode E5003, E5001. The thickness of the small, narrow groove weldment, the choice of the E4315, E4316 electrode.
16Mn steel submerged arc H08MnA wire with flux HJ431 the (opened I-groove butt) or H10Mn2 wire with flux HJ431 (the open butt plate) when required welding thick plate of deep groove welds should choose H08MnMoA wire with flux HJ431.
16Mn steel is currently the most widely used of low-alloy steel, used in the manufacture of welded structures the the 16Mn steel are 16MnR and 16Mng steel.