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OCT 15 2012

What is the manganese steel plate

Manganese steel

It is a steel plate made from manganese steel.
Manganese steel plate is a high strength anti-manganese steel, mainly for the need to withstand shocks, extrusion, material abrasion and other harsh working conditions, the destruction of wear and tear in the form of the main part of the fracture and deformation. The wear is divided into three: the surface of the metal member between the contacts and movement friction wear; other metal or non-metallic materials against abrasive wear of the metal surface and the flowing gas or liquid with a metal contact causes the erosion wear. The wear resistance of wear-resistant steel depends on the material itself, the anti-wear steel exhibit different wear resistance of the material itself and working conditions both in order to determine its wear resistance under different working conditions. The mainly steel austenitic manganese steel casting wear-resistant steel and Wear appropriate heat treatment of low alloy steel, under certain conditions, also have a good effect, the graphite steel is used for lubrication friction working conditions. Wear high-manganese steel, particularly suitable for crushing impact abrasive wear and high stress abrasive wear conditions, commonly used in the manufacture of ball mill liner, hammer hammer crusher, jaw crusher jaw, cone crusher rolling acetabular wall, broken wall, excavator bucket teeth, bucket wall, railway turnouts, crawler tractors and tanks board impact resistance, abrasion resistance castings. High manganese steel is also used for: bulletproof steel plate, safe steel plate. High manganese steel, is typical of the anti-wear steel, cast microstructure of austenite plus carbide. Processing about 1000 ° C water quenched organizations into a single austenitic or austenitic plus a small amount of carbides, toughness instead, so called water toughening treatment