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OCT 15 2012

High manganese steel castings (Mnl3)


High manganese steel liner, hammer, sieve Article jaw cement plant is the most widely used steel castings, it is popular with high wear resistance, good toughness and economy.
, High manganese steel characterized by: high manganese steel having good ductility and impact toughness, under external shocks, the surface-hardened layer, after the emergence of the new surface layer of the hardened surface layer is worn, and they continue to be hardening. Therefore, the high manganese steel castings there is a high surface abrasion resistance, and the the · inner portion retained the original mechanical properties. Because
High manganese steel with the above characteristics, so the world has not any wear-resistant materials can be completely replaced by high manganese steel.
Second, the technical requirements of the high manganese steel:
In order to obtain the high wear resistance of high manganese steel castings, I worked out a strict technological process of production, and do a good job on the shape, melting, casting, heat treatment and other aspects of quality control point, strict quality control, so that the high-manganese steel castings The mechanical properties with good ductility and impact toughness. The microstructure of: (1) fine-grained austenitic
Organization structure; ② carbides; ③ The minimum amount of manganese oxide inclusions and the microstructure of the thin grain boundaries.
Third, the main chemical ingredient (%)

C Mn Si P S
1.0-1.4 ll 14 0.3-0.8 ≤ 0.07 ≤ 0.04

Fourth, the performance indicators
l, the initial hardness HB l79-229.
Z, in normal use, the casting does not occur breakage.
3 φ2.2 raw material ball mill, the head positions liner of the normal life of 18 months or more (the majority of the cement plant reflects the use of ultra two and a half years); two warehouse Liner 30 months or more (most cement plant reflects more than 4 years).
Recommended products
High manganese steel castings with good toughness, wear-resistant, high reliability and cheap, most of the cement plant ball mill liner; hammer crusher hammer screen bars lining; jaw crusher jaw plate, side guard; shaft kiln jaw plate and so the use of high-manganese steel castings.

High manganese steel castings
The ultra-high manganese steel is developed in recent years on the basis of the high manganese steel, new steel grades. The company currently castings not initially push the high manganese steel of the market is to raise the manganese content in the chemical composition of the original high manganese, increasing the alloying element of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, the casting to achieve good toughness, high initial hardness, improve begins to generate a work hardening layer
Before wear life, the degree of work hardening high manganese steel. Indeed wear resistance of high manganese steel is much better.
High manganese steel and high manganese steel:
l, the initial hardness of high manganese steel, HB 250-300.
2, impact toughness, the castings not appear early breakage.
3, life is about 1.5-2 times as high manganese steel castings.
From the economic point of view ultra-high manganese steel, high manganese cost-effective, because
Life of more than 1.5 times, while only high manganese steel castings production costs 1.3
Second, the recommended use of the product:
The contrast of a long service life due to high manganese steel and high manganese steel, but the price is high
Characteristics. We believe that the following situations using ultra-high manganese castings is more appropriate.
① wear faster, less weight, installation difficulties casting using ultra-high manganese steel,
Such as the Hammer Crusher hammer, sieve, liners, jaw broken machine dental board. Colliers Gaoming
Treasure Cement Co., Ltd., Colliers hair Cement Co., PCD-1210 the hammer-breaking machine
The sieve, linings, hammerhead use high manganese steel with good results.
② funded enterprises ball mill liner using ultra-high manganese steel, the initial vote
Funds into cost-effective from the economic benefits. Guangzhou Ishii water
Mud Company mill head positions ladder liner uses ultra-high manganese steel works well.

Diversity network Alloy Steel Castings
In multi-chromium alloy steel is the company to meet certain devices used in a particular
Conditions to achieve the best and most economic effect developed steels. Has high hardness,
Good toughness, little impact occasions, such as crusher liner, sieve and part
Ball mill liner show its advantages. In multi-chromium alloy steel alloying elements
Requirements are high, the heat treatment time is long and complex process, high production costs, but also the most
The widespread use of a wear-resistant steel.
First, the main chemical ingredient (%)
C Si Mn Cr Mo Cu PS
0.38-0.46 0.7-0.9 1.3-1.8 5-7 0.5-0.7 0.5-0.7 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.1

Second, the performance indicators:
50″>l, hardness HRC> 50
Z, impact toughness qk ≥ 20J/CM2, good toughness high chromium molybdenum alloy cast iron,
High manganese difference.
3, the impact is not much occasion to use life than high manganese steel
Height -3 times.
Third, it is recommended to use the product.
l Xindu County, Sichuan Province Cement Machinery Factory, Zhengzhou Dingsheng Engineering Technology
Limited production of the crusher liner, sieve.
2, ball mill two positions liner, sieve:
3, shaft kiln machine liner, jaw plate.

High-chromium-molybdenum alloy iron castings
High-chromium-molybdenum alloy cast iron is today’s most anti-wear a wear-resistant material, with high
The manganese steels contrast has the advantages of high hardness, and the hardened layer generated during use
Less impact toughness of high manganese, high production costs, in the clinker crushing and impact
Not force the use of occasions to show its superiority. Through the regulation of chemical ingredients
And unique heat treatment process, the quality is better than other similar products.
First, the main chemical ingredient (%)
C Cr Mn Mo W Si PS
2.8-3.2 19-22 0.5-1.0 1.0-1.5 1.7-2.2 0.5-1.0 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.1

Second, the performance indicators
1, the initial hardness: HRC ≥ 62
2, used to the clinker crusher lose work hardening due to high manganese steel excellent
Point, appear incompetent in the clinker-breaking high hardness, high-chromium-molybdenum alloy iron castings leaving
Life can be high up to eight times that of high manganese steel.
Third, it is recommended to use the product:
l Xindu County, Sichuan Province Cement Machinery Plant adjustable high fine crusher
2, some of the cement plant with the package hammer.
3, the Company production of φ800X600 of Hammer Crusher alloy hammer crushing clinker
The effect is also very good.

Carbon steel (‘ZG35, ZG45, ZG35Mn, ZG45Mn) casting
Carbon steel castings mechanical equipment essential products. In addition to the cement plant machinery set
Ready for use, and other machinery and equipment plants use a lot. The Company is in the production of carbon
Steel using a variety of techniques to make the the casting completely achieve steel No. standards, nonporous,
No shrinkage, fine grain requirements.
Recommended ZG45Hn ZG45Hn ZG45 has high hardness, red
Good impact toughness, wear characteristics, and after annealing is also easy to process, such as gears, sprockets,
The the coupling should use ZG45Mn best.