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OCT 16 2012

Jaw plate crusher parts


Jaw crusher jaw referred to as jaw the sub fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate jaw, jaw crusher wear parts. Attached to the movable jaw plate jaw crusher run state, the moving jaw do complex tilting movement, forming an angle with the fixed jaw plate extrusion stone. Therefore, the jaw is more easily damaged jaw crusher accessories (abbreviation: wearing parts)

The jaw is the primary jaw crusher wear parts: movable jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, jaw crusher models of different kinds of models dimensions, the new high-manganese steel, high manganese steel jawsuper high manganese steel and other materials, applicable for various specifications jaw crusher.
The jaw crusher by moving jaw and a working chamber fixed jaw, movable jaw and fixed jaw under enormous crushing force and material friction, easily worn, in order to protect the jaw, generally in the moving jaw and the fixed jaw of surface to install the wear-resistant liner, this liner is also known as a broken board. Crushing surface of the plate is usually made of toothed, crushing Bandicota peak angle of 90 ° to 120 °, and its size is determined by the nature of the material to be broken, and the block, the crushing bulk material, the angle should be larger; crushing small block material, the angle can be smaller. The size of the tooth pitch depends on the particle size of the product, usually from about equal to the width of the spout, the tooth height and the tooth pitch ratio is taken as 1/2 ~ 1/3.
Work, crushing two parts wear on the board is not the same, lower wear out faster than the upper jaw crusher crushing plate, direct contact with the material to withstand huge crushing force and friction materials. crushing the life of the board is directly related to the the jaw crusher efficiency and cost of production, and therefore, it is particularly important to extend the life of the jaw crusher crushing plate. Strengthen cracker broken the plate life can be considered from the design, material selection, assembly, as well as the use of process improvement.
Consumption is jaw crusher production, so before the election must take the good quality, the same can be said, a crusher quality is good or bad in fact, according to the life of the jaw crusher machine The shell is generally difficult to damage.