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OCT 16 2012

Gyratory cone crusher


Gyratory cone crusher from the active cone (cone crusher) and a stationary conical two truncated cone. Active cone spindle suspended from the beams above the fixed suspension point, in the lower part of the transmission mechanism driven its cone head around the spindle consecutive eccentric cycle exercise. Activities cone near the fixed cone in between the two cone ore, mainly being squeezed, broken by the combined effects of the broken and grinding stripping. Activities cone leaves the fixed cone crusher product discharged from the port of discharge. The side with the broken side of the row of ore with conical cycle moving always remained relatively 180. Angle, broken simultaneous row of ore crushing process is a process of continuous operation.
Gyratory cone crusher specifications to the maximum width to the width of the entrance to the mine and the port of discharge activities cone and fixed cone upper. Cycles cone crusher specifications for the 1200/180, that is the maximum width of the entrance to the mine 1200mm, the discharge mouth width 180mm.
Gyratory cone crushers with a large jaw crusher iron ore coarse crushing equipment. Jaw crusher by heavy plate feeder uniform for the ore crushing, gyratory cone crusher to the ore without heavy plate feeder, direct shipped ore train overturned into the can crushing. Cone crusher jaw crusher, cone crusher main advantages are: relatively stable, equipment vibration lighter, continuous operation and high yield, while the energy consumption is less; Product appearance neat and produced fine ore less. Disadvantage is the complex structure of the cone crusher, inconvenience maintenance, the height and weight of the device itself, the adjustment is too much trouble and the port of discharge.