MnSteels Events

  • 1985 MnSteels was founded by director Mr. Zhouyiping. With 4 employees and a 200KG induction furnace, MnSteels was only able to melt scrap metals into steel ingot for other factories.
  • 1989 With the rapid development of China, wear resistant material were on big demand, MnSteels started manufacturing lining plates for cement industry. MnSteels had about 20 employees then.
  • 1992 After relocating to Zhongshan, Guangxi, MnSteels shift its focus into making jaw crusher plates and making manganese steel part as its primary focus. MnSteels then had 3 500kg furnaces and a small heat treatment furnace.
  • 1992-1999 Better furnaces with bigger capacities(1000 KGs) replaced the old equipments, MnSteels jaw crusher plates line dominated China's southern market with its superior quality and competitive price.
  • 1999-2005 Bigger crushing applications required bigger parts, MnSteels started making heavy weight jaw crusher plates, at the same time, a small engineer team was formed to research on producing high quality cone crusher plates.
  • 2005-2009 The small research team was divided into two divisions, one went on its original mission: cone crusher plate development and eventually developed the "die casting with sand layer" technique; the other division focused on how to produce high quality manganese steel, their achievement was the introduction of "Clean steel" practice.
  • July 2010 MnSteels owns the patent right for its "die casting with sand layer technique for cone crusher liners" .
  • August 2010 MnSteels was chosen and became one of many suppliers for one of the largest crusher brand, supplying cone caves and mantles for 7 ft Symons cone crushers.
  • October 2010 With the newly installed 5 ton furnaces, MnSteels successfully produced a 5.5 ton jaw crusher casting. With its "Clean Steel" practice, these jaw plates offers twice of the service life, MnSteels became the only supplier for this product type in Guangdong market.
  • July 2011, MnSteels started supplying grind rings to the market, in a specific mine, MnSteels grind rings(14% manganese) offer average service life of 1050 hours, besting the 650 hours of usage from another supplier by 400 hours.
  • March 2012, A 4000KG cone cave(Produced using was chosen by "China Casting Musem" as a permanent display.
  • June 2012, A 4500KG cone cave was awarded as "Golden Casting Award" in "Metal + Metallurgy China 2012".

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