Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:51

Contact us-Send us your demand

MnSteels is committed to provide high quality manganese liners to all customers. Although MnSteels makes all reasonable efforts to ensure product quality, it is important for our customers to state their specific requirements.

We often get questions like:"Please could you give me your best price for our request/this item?" with a drawing attached to the question or just an item number, it would be irresponsible for MnSteels to simplely reply with an estimated price.

Normally the following questions will be asked by MnSteels to ensure that we understand your requirements:

1. QA method

a. What standard will be used when the products are tested/QAed?

b. Which party is responsible for or which party will be performing the tests.(Indeed MnSteels will perform in house QA

c. Where will the tests take place?

d. Is non-destructive testing required? If so, which method will be used? E.g. X-ray? Penetrant inspection?

e. What are the requirements for microstructure?

f. Is mechanical property testing required? If so, what standard is used?

g. Detailed casting tolerances and machining tolerances.

2. Terms on product delivery

a. Delivery time

b. Transport destination

c. Payment terms

Once both parties are clear about the requirements, we can then move onto the next phase.

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