Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:58

Project Planning

MnSteels provides hundreds of different manganese liners to customers and keeps a good number of patterns; all existing products have been through this planning phase to ensure the best technique is used.

MnSteels welcomes new products, in project planning phase, the design team works closely with customers and our onsite engineers, completes the following tasks:

1. Confirmation of the drawing:

a. Either provided by customer or measured on site, the drawing needs to be a precise and accurate presentation of the actual product, all questions need to be answered.

b. Converting product drawings to engineering drawings, pattern design and 3D models.

2. Initial assessment:

a. Based on the product type and requirements provides draft pouring method.

b. Decide on melt composition.

c. Based on the thickness of the product, provides heat treatment plan.

d. Decide on the type of pattern should be used.

3. Simulations

a. Apply draft pouring plan to simulation, and analyze the results.

b. Adjust pouring plan to get the best result.

4. Confirmation of the pouring plan and method

a. Communicate with customer (if required) and factory manager to discuss the plans

b. Provide final plan.

Once all tasks are completed, the project moves onto the next phase: product trial.