Saturday, 15 September 2012 05:58

Product Trial (Test Piece)

Product trial is the most important step towards providing up to standard products, the test item will be tested to achieve the following goals:

1. Final confirmation of the pouring plan and method

a. defect testing - if the right gating and inlets are used,

b. porosity and shrinkage cavity - if the right risers are used and if they are placed at the correct place

2. Metallographic and chemical compositions

a. Grain size - exams the pouring temperature and heat treatment process, placements of the chills

b. metallographic - how clean is the melt and if all necessary procedures are taken

c. chemical compositions - if the right material was used

3. Measurements and surface quality check

a. if we have accomplish the aimed CT level

b. if the machining tolerance accurate and efficient

c. if the process management adequate to provide good surface quality

4. Mechanical property, destruction test and other tests (optional)

a. mechanical property testing will give us some basic ideas on how well our product will perform in field

b. destruction tests and other tests should back the plans further more.